by Ashton Cude

Hi there, blog readers! It’s been a hot minute since I shared some of what I’m learning in marriage with you all. This week I’m talking about what sharing the load means for us in marriage, as well as wisdom we’ve received on this topic from others. Read on for a word of encouragement and grace!

The good: When Andrew gave me what he called his “Girlfriend Speech,” (the aptly-titled spiel he gave me when he asked me to be his girlfriend) he said, “Your joys will be my joys, and your sorrows will be my sorrows.” (What a man, right?!) One of the cornerstones of marriage is being able to rejoice for one another. The victories will look different for each of you, but it says so much to your spouse when you can celebrate them. When Andrew comes home from the dental clinic pumped up about a successful procedure, I congratulate him and treat him like a big star. Andrew’s joy is equal to mine when I come home and tell him I came in under the grocery budget (like winning the lottery, honestly), or had a great day at work. Joy is contagious, and when practiced in marriage, it spreads to others.


The bad: My mom recently told me she felt like the Lord had made her and my dad strong for one another at different times throughout their marriage. When one spouse was weak, the other was strong. What a testament to how God fights for our marriages! So much goodness is cultivated in our marriage when we support our spouse during the bad times. For us in this season, that looks like me supporting Andrew while he’s in dental school. Dental school isn’t “bad,” but it requires a lot of him. I’ve chosen to have a part time job so I can contribute financially, but also stay on top of everything on the home front so he doesn’t have to worry about it. It is my joy to serve him in that way as he dedicates himself to school and being a provider for us. Some days the bad will look much worse than that, and on others our roles will be reversed. No matter what comes, it is such comfort to know we will have one another.

The ugly: Friends…sometimes life is gross. Cleaning up whatever just came out of the cat is gross. Flushing your husband’s puke is gross. There are plenty of events in the day-to-day grind that are far from glamorous. Some may not be quite as gag-inducing as what I’ve listed above, but certainly there are unpleasantries to be found in each day, just as there are joys to be found in each day. Let your default in those moments be to serve your spouse. If we can practice that servanthood and discipline ourselves in that way, we will become more like Jesus and have an impact on not only our spouse, but the world around us.

Those are just some of the ways Andrew and I are sharing the load in marriage. I hope you will be encouraged by my words to know that no marriage is perfect, but with grace and servant’s hearts, we can experience joy and goodness together. Check back in with us for more fun things to come on the blog! All photos in the post are by Heather Todd Photography. I decided to throw it back to our engagement photos this week.  





Real Meant to Be Bride: Kathryn Frugé

Happy Wedding Wednesday, friends! This week we’re kicking off a series we are so excited about. Each month we’ll be sharing the weddings of real Meant to Be brides. You’ve caught glimpses of them on our Instagram, but we’re going to delve into all the details here on the blog. It is so rewarding for us to see our brides in their gown on their wedding day. We’re grateful to play a part in their weddings, and we love seeing how everything comes together to make their special day perfect.

Our series starts with a Meant to Be bride whose face (and gorgeous gown) you will surely recognize from our Instagram. Kathryn Frugé was one of our 2016 brides. Y’all are in for a real treat—I had a hard time narrowing down which photos to share. Kathryn and her husband, Griffin, have a timeless elegance about them and enjoyed a beautiful wedding day at the home of a friend. Read on to hear more about their story, see photos from their beautiful day, and get the scoop on their wedding day vendors.


1) Can you give us a glimpse into you & your hubs's love story?

“Our story is one made possible by taking chances and the power of the internet. My friend was photographing a wedding with her husband. I got a text from her that read, “Kath. I wish you were here. There’s a cute groomsman.” I was feeling particularly sassy that day, so all I text back was, “Does he love Jesus?” It was more of a challenge than a question, my way of saying, “Don’t even bother, friend. I am truly not interested in random dudes, no matter how good looking.” The next text I got took me by surprise. “He actually does! I walked up to the porch and he was listening to a sermon in SPANISH! He loves Jesus AND must love to travel, or something!” [Later that night], I got out my phone and checked Facebook. I had a new friend request, from a guy by the name of Griffin Timo Frugé. Luckily for Griffin (and me in the long run,) I hardly ever deny friends on Facebook. Just leave them sitting in Facebook friend request purgatory. After I approved him, we started chatting, and five weeks later, Griffin made the drive from Nashville to Cincinnati so we could meet for the first time. We were engaged six months later, and married four months after that. And it has been the best thing.


2) What was it about your dress that made you realize it was "the one?" Was it what you expected to love/wear? Favorite memory from dress shopping?

I knew I wanted something feminine, ethereal, and backless. The vision that I had in my mind was actually something quite different - a lot more slim-lined and probably lace. So I was a bit surprised by what I picked, but it fit all the criteria of what I wanted. I really loved that both my mom and my now mother in law were both able to be at my dress shopping experience. It was fun to have the woman who raised me, and the woman who raised the man I was to marry, both in the same place. It was really special to share that experience with them.


3) What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

 My favorite memory from our wedding day was immediately after we were pronounced husband and wife, and we turned to walk back down the aisle, and I could see all of our friends and family in the same place. I whispered to Griffin, "Look at this, all these people here for us, and remember it. We'll never see anything like this again."


4) What has been the best thing about marriage so far?

The best thing about marriage is figuring out life together. I don't have to think about decisions just for myself anymore, we get to decide things together. We can set goals and plan our future as one, and I really love that. I also love that we get to come home to each other every night.


5) Any pieces of wisdom or advice you'd like to share with future brides, engaged gals, or newlyweds like yourself?

Your wedding is just one day. You should make it exactly how you want it to be, but put just as much effort (actually way more effort!) into making your marriage exactly the way you want it to be. Grace goes a long way.


Here’s a look at some of Kathryn and Griffin’s wedding day details, along with a list of their wedding vendors:


Venue: Family Friend's Home

Photographer: Leah Barry Photography

Videographer: The Storytelling Company

Hair: Emerson at High Five Salon

Calligraphy: Melody Joy Thoburn

Dress: Meant to Be Boutique

Rentals: Camargo Events

Bridesmaids Dresses: BHLDN

Groom and Groomsmen's Suits: J Crew

Ties: The Tie Bar

Florals: Secret Garden Florists

Cake: The Bakeist

Catering: Eli's BBQ

Bar: Rhinegeist

How gorgeous is this couple?! I truly could have done ten blog posts of just their photos. You can keep up with Kathryn and Griffin’s adventures on her website. Check back in with us to see more real Meant to Be brides, and keep your eyes peeled for more fun new content!





Friday Favorites: Champagne in the Membrane

By: Taylor Clark

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of Champagne is just right.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

The best day of the week is upon us, ladies and gents! It’s Fri-yay! Which means it’s time for me to give you the 411 on the hottest trends at Meant To Be. We’ve recently acquired numerous new arrivals, and I am so excited to get to share with you a few of my favorites. My last post featured a few of our prettiest blush gowns. This week, I’ll be focusing on another somewhat nontraditional color choice, champagne. A champagne gown is elegant and sophisticated, much like the beverage that shares its name. Some brides fear that a champagne gown will appear “tan” or “beige” in pictures, but the color actually photographs quite subtly. If you find yourself falling in love with the following dresses, you may just be champagne in the membrane when choosing your Meant To Be gown. Now, let’s pop open a bottle of bubbly and get down to business! 

Ti Adora 7514

Starting off our champagne collection is this ethereal mermaid that combines classic elegance with unique whimsy. The champagne undertones allow every last detail of the ivory crisscross tulle and floral appliqués to take center stage. Intricate and romantic, this gown has our hearts fluttering.


Sky by Eddy K

This ballgown with a plunging illusion neckline can only be described as a champagne supernova in our shoppe. Every single bead on this gown catches the light effortlessly, creating an awe-inspiring explosion of detail. From the moment we unpacked this haute couture gem, Ashton and I have been absolutely smitten by its glamorous appeal! 


Jim Hjelm 8011

The champagne lining on this Jim Hjelm, paired with the all-over ivory Alençon lace, gives off major vintage vibes. This gown features a deep V-neck that adds just a touch of spice to its otherwise modest and enduring look. And with a classic keyhole back, this gown is as timeless as a champagne toast to the bride and groom! 


Well, are you convinced of the beauty, grace, and poise that a champagne gown can bring to your wedding day look? If so, please make an appointment with us today, either through our website or via phone call. We can’t wait to meet you and help you find a dress that’s uniquely yours. And as a bonus perk that’s relevant to this post, we offer complimentary champagne and mimosas during your quest for your MTB gown!

 For wedding ideas to complement these dresses, follow this link to our Pinterest page:

Xo, Taylor





Marriage Matters: Love Languages

Hey sweet blog readers! It’s time for another installment in our Marriage Matters series. Today I’m discussing a tried and true topic: love languages. This concept comes from a book by Gary Chapman called, “The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts.” If you’ve never read it or heard of love languages, you can find more info here. I won’t re-write the book, so to speak, but rather share my own experiences. Below, I’ll discuss how knowing our love languages has impacted my marriage to Andrew.

Essentially, Chapman says there are five basic ways of giving and receiving love: physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and giving/receiving gifts. Each one of us responds to these languages in different ways. In order for your spouse to feel loved, you have to speak to them in their love language. For example, one of Andrew’s top love languages is acts of service. It’s not really my love language at all, so it’s not my default, but I know that it means so much to Andrew. Once during our engagement, I had come up to visit Andrew for the weekend, but he was still in class. While I waited for him at his apartment, I washed his dishes. When he came home and saw the empty sink, you would have thought I had bought him a new car. He was so happy and grateful, and he brought it up for months afterward. When we speak to others in their love language, not only do we make them feel loved, but we receive love from them in return.

Now that we’re married, love languages play a role for us every day. We’ve also noticed that as we grow and change as people, our love languages grow and change. Case in point: one of my primary love languages used to be physical touch. However, physical touch is Andrew’s number one love language, so he constantly shows affection in that way. As a result of this, my love tank is pretty full in the physical touch department, and it has shifted further down the list for me. Andrew can tend to feel rejected by this, so I make sure to communicate my love in ways that makes sense to him. Whether that’s holding hands while we watch TV or placing a hand on his shoulder while we’re out in public, those simple gestures make him feel loved and seen. 

Love languages play a role in so much more than marriage, so even if you’re not married or engaged, these concepts can be a great teaching tool. Friendships, self-awareness, and professional relationships can also richly benefit from learning love languages. I encourage everyone to take a quiz to find out their love language. If you’re engaged or married, it would be great to sit down with your fiancé or spouse and discuss your results. As always, I hope sharing my experiences gives you a sense of community and helps you along the way. If there are other marriage topics you want to hear about, shoot us an email! We hope this Wednesday finds you in the midst of a great week, and that you have a wonderful weekend on the horizon! All photos in this post are by our dear friend Laura Bodnar Photography






by Ashton Cude

Happy Friday! Just when I think I’ve exhausted all my bridal knowledge, I think back to my time as a bride and inspiration strikes. Today I’m sharing the things I wish I had known going in to wedding dress shopping. These are nuggets of wisdom I think every bride should munch on as she prepares to search for her gown. Keep these things in mind and you’ll save yourself the climb up the steep learning curve that is bridal styling.



Bridal sizing runs on the European size chart. Brides who don’t know this handy little piece of information are often shocked by the size they’re wearing. Don’t fret, ladies! Think of it as the metric system versus the U.S. system. It’s a whole different conversion. Remember that size doesn’t define you Don’t let that little number on the tag worry you one bit. Special order bridal shops will measure you and make sure they order the size closest to what fits your body. The only thing that matters is that you feel beautiful in your dress, regardless of the size. 




One of the things that will make a bridal consultant want to put her face in tulle and scream faster than you can say “Chantilly lace” is constant comparisons to prom. As a recent bride, I understand. Prom dress shopping is often the only other formal gown shopping experience girls have. But be careful about using prom as your frame of reference when wedding dress shopping. Prom and your wedding are two completely different events. While prom is a fun rite of passage that should be enjoyed, it is honestly irrelevant in comparison with your wedding. No one, and I mean NO ONE who is at your wedding is going to be thinking about what you wore to prom. No matter what you wore to prom, whether you loved it or hated it, when it comes to shopping for your wedding gown, you need to make like Queen Elsa and “Let it Go.” 




Like in many other aspects of life, reality TV has given us unrealistic expectations when it comes to dress shopping. I see so many brides find a dress they are clearly in love with at their first appointment and leave without it because they’re afraid it was too easy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it is not that hard to find your wedding dress. If you shop at a place with a good selection and have a consultant who’s good at her job, you stand a very good chance of finding a wedding dress you’ll never regret. Shopping for your gown is one of the most fun, joyful parts of the wedding planning process. But take it from me, shopping just for the sake of shopping stops being fun fast. Brides get overwhelmed and forget what they wanted in the first place. If you find your wedding dress shopping process has become stressful…stop. Take a step back and regroup. Finding your wedding dress should be a joy from beginning to end, so don’t make it harder on yourself than it has to be.

If these tips are rocking your world and you’d like to hear more about what I’ve learned by going from a bride to a bridal consultant, check out this post. We hope our blog tips educate and empower you to find the dress of your dreams! Have a great rest of the week, loves, and check back on Friday to see some of the new arrivals we’re fawning over. P.S. All of the photos in this post feature real Meant to Be Brides. What can we say? We like to show them off!