Marriage Matters | Be my Valentine

by: Ashton Cude

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I've always loved Valentine's Day. There may not be another day that captures my aesthetic better than one which celebrates pink, flowers, sparkles, and all things heart-shaped. Today I'm sharing simple, affordable ways to make Valentine's Day special for you and your spouse. During our first year of marriage, I found it so hard not to compare us to other couples. Not because I was envious of what they had, but because when you get married...everything is new! There's no manual to follow, so you naturally look to other couples to see what they're doing. The problem is, that often leads to feelings of inadequacy. Below are ways that Andrew and I have found to be romantic and celebrate one another without living beyond our means. Enjoy!


Breakfast in bed: Our first Valentine's Day together, when we were just dating, Andrew and I had a huge fight. Coincidentally, that is also the day Andrew realized he wanted to marry me. We realized that no matter the issue we were facing, we wanted to be with each other. Unbeknownst to me at the time, he went home that day and started ring shopping. That morning we had gone to get heart-shaped donuts, so you better believe that my tradition-loving heart is getting heart donuts every year to commemorate that day! Breakfast can be a sweet and romantic way to serve your spouse, as well as enjoy some peaceful, restful time together. Whichever spouse is the morning person (not me!), make your love breakfast and enjoy it together while snuggled under the covers. Everyone knows breakfast foods = romance.


Small, thoughtful gift: Set a $20 limit and get one another a small, thoughtful gift. This is something we've done every year since we've been together and it's always fun to find things your spouse would enjoy and see what they picked out for you. People who aren't natural gift-givers may start sweating at this suggestion ( husband), but all you have to do is think about who your spouse is and what they like. It's really that simple. To give an example, this year I got Andrew a biography of one of his childhood heroes, John Wayne. He got me a pajama set because I've watched New Girl 100 times and want to be Zooey Deschanel. We also always opt for funny cards rather than sappy ones. Nothing fancy, just a little token to show your spouse they are known and loved...without blowing the budget out of the water.


Movie night in: Order pizza from your favorite place, get candy and popcorn from good ole' Dollar Tree, hit up Redbox or Netflix, and settle in for a cozy movie night. You can make it like a date night and dress up, or you can enjoy the luxury of kicking back in your sweats...whatever floats your romance boat! Make a point to stay off your phones and just enjoy time with one another. And since you're watching at won't hurt if you do a little smooching during the end credits. 

No matter what your plans are, we hope your Valentine's Day is full of love. And just a note to all my single ladies...please don't let this day get you down. Some of my favorite Valentine's Days have been spent with girlfriends just celebrating one another. Valentine's Day is all about celebrating the love in your life, no matter where it comes from. Whatever your relationship status, I hope you all have the happiest heart day!






Friday Favorites: New Arrivals

By: Taylor Clark

Ladies and gents, we have such a wonderful surprise for y'all: We have spent the last week unpacking and processing brand new arrivals! We simply CANNOT wait for y'all to see all of these gorgeous gems, so we're dedicating the entire month's worth of Friday Favorites to unveiling them. From sheath to ballgown to mermaid, our inventory has never looked so stunning! But don't just take my word for it - see for yourselves! 

Maggie Sottero: Marianne

Sassy yet sweet, this soft blush mermaid by Maggie Sottero is sure to make you look like a sultry siren on your big day. 


Stella York: 6555

How ridiculously romantic is this bohemian sheath gown from Stella York?! We are smitten with every intricate inch of this delicately detailed dress. 


Maggie Sottero: Melanie

Y’all, can we just take a moment to appreciate the back on this Maggie Sottero? Champagne has never looked so chicly sheath!


Since it is the month of unabashed love, we feel it’s absolutely appropriate how seriously smitten we are with our new inventory. We’ve been so lucky to reach so many wonderful brides over the past few months, and these new arrivals will allow us to continue this mission even further. If you’re interested in seeing more of our gowns, we keep our inventory up-to-date on our Pinterest page. Also, the next edition of Friday Favorites will feature more photo shoots of these STUNNERS (the dresses, not Ashton and me...although, we will be the ones modeling them).

Stay tuned, and have a safe weekend!







Wedding Wednesday | First Look Tips

By: Ashton Cude

Hello loves! Does anyone else feel like January has been going on forever? To close out the month, I have a little wedding planning scoop from my own wedding. I'm sharing all the reasons we chose to do a first look on our wedding day. The first look was one our favorite decisions we made. Read on to hear all the reasons why!


Timing: My husband and I chose a first look for the ease it offered in our wedding day timeline. If you choose not to see each other until the ceremony, you will have to do ALL your wedding photos afterward. This means that your guests will be waiting for you at the reception venue. You will have to coordinate all bridal party photos to make sure you don't cross paths with your groom. After the ceremony, you will have to corral the wedding party and family members. And even though your guests are there to celebrate with you and it's your big day...the harsh reality is that guests who are kept waiting will get antsy and cranky. Some will leave, and the ones who wait will be hangry by the time you get to the reception. In order to keep your guests engaged, it's important to transition as quickly as possible to the reception. For more on logistics of the first look (because I could go on all day), consult your wedding photographer.


Nerves: I honestly think I would have had a stroke if I had waited until the ceremony to see Andrew. Seeing him in that private moment for our first look calmed my nerves and filled me with so much joy. For most couples, a first look will be the only time you will get to be alone on your wedding day. It's a time to press pause on the crazy pace of the day and just focus on one another. 


Photos: Doing a first look truly improved the quality of our wedding photos. Our first look photos are some of my favorites from the whole day. Our couple portraits and wedding party/family photos turned out better too, because you can see the joy on our faces. Had we waited until after the ceremony, we would have looked tired and been antsy to get to the reception. 


Hopefully my experience will give some helpful insight for those couples who are still making the first look decision. As always, do what works best for you. The first look was the right choice for us, but every couple is different. Photographers and wedding planners are great resources for information, too. Keep checking back with the may even see some new arrivals popping up! 





Friday Favorites: Just Ask Justin

By: Taylor Clark

Hello, loves! It's finally time for another edition of Friday Favorites. Because we are (unsurprisingly) fans of alliteration, I chose Justin Alexander for our January spotlight designer. His collections are classic, contemporary, and chic. If you want a couture gown that is both demure and glamorous, just ask Justin!

Justin Alexander: 8816


Justin Alexander: 8765


Justin Alexander: 8851


As January draws to a chilly close, we are so overjoyed to continue to bring couture designers like Justin Alexander to the Lexington community at a discounted price. Justin's style is effortless and timeless, two qualities that make his designs stunningly memorable. If you're a fan of Justin Alexander, or any of our other designers, please make an appointment with us through our website. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at 859.523.4711. We can't wait to meet you, bride-to-be! 



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Real MTB Wedding || Paige + Henry

Hey sweet peas! Can you believe we're already halfway through the first month of 2018? We hope this post finds you nice and cozy as we all navigate these winter temperatures. Here to warm your heart is Paige & Henry's wedding day! Paige and Henry had the sweetest January wedding, and they didn't let inclement weather rain on their parade. Keep scrolling to read all about their love story, their vendors, and see photos of their beautiful day.


Can you give us a glimpse into you & your hubs's love story?

Henry and I first met at Christ Church Cathedral. I moved here from Illinois for work and knew no one! Thankfully, our church has a great young adults group where I met many of my friends and Henry.  Over time, Henry and I became friends. Our mutual friends were so anxious to get us set up, even bailing on outings so that Henry and I would often end up on "fake dates." I wasn't sure if I would be staying in Kentucky for work, but once I landed a permanent job in town, he swept in, asked me out, and well, the rest is history! After dating for about 16 months he proposed on the most beautiful sunny May day in 2016, and we got married in January of 2017. 


What was it about your dress that made you realize it was "the one?"

Since I was planning a winter wedding, I knew that I wanted a dress with lace sleeves, but I did try to go into the whole shopping experience open to different dresses. My personal style is more vintage-classic, and our wedding was going to be traditional. In the end, after only trying on about 7 or 8 dresses, I was torn between a more modern blush dress that would have needed significant alterations or the one I chose which almost fit me like a glove. How could I not choose that option?! My dress also matched our traditional aesthetic and Cathedral wedding. Liz was so helpful and supportive - I know my mother and mother-in-law who were shopping with me were especially grateful for that. I loved that Meant To Be was my only bridal shopping experience! 


What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

We were so excited to get married in the church where we met and fell in love. Henry sings in the choir and it was such a blessing to have the full choir participate in our wedding. We both got goosebumps during their pieces! We loved welcoming our guests to our church and one of our favorite places in town, the Carnegie Center.  Our wedding day was a rainy one, and I will never forget grabbing an umbrella once we got down the aisle after our ceremony, and running together through the Cathedral's garden with our Best Man and seven-months-pregnant Matron of Honor! It was the most joyous moment that we never could have expected! 


What has been the best thing about marriage so far?

Being a team. It is such a privilege to be a witness to someone's life through marriage, and to have witness and partner in your own life. 


Any pieces of wisdom or advice you'd like to share with future brides, engaged gals, or newlyweds like yourself?

1. I am not always good at accepting help; some might say I'm a little stubborn. Wedding planning was so much more fun (and easier!) when I let myself accept the help and generosity of those I love and who cared for Henry and me. This advice has also proven useful in our marriage as we've grown as a team! Letting others and your spouse bless you is one of the greatest acts and gifts of love.  

2. There are so many sweet snapshot memories of lovely interactions and scenes throughout our wedding weekend, especially of our rehearsal dinner. To save a little money, we opted to not have a videographer. We decided together to make mental snapshots of the day. We both enjoy writing, so shortly after we arrived in Puerto Rico for our honeymoon we separately took time to write about our favorite memories from the whole weekend. Those writings are something we'll cherish for years to come! 

There your have it, your daily dose of sweetness. Keep reading to see Paige + Henry's vendors, as well as details from their special day.


Ceremony Venue: Christ Church Cathedral
Reception Venue: Carnegie Center
Dress: Meant To Be Boutique
Suits: Stuart Mercer
Hair/Makeup: Simply Blue Salon
Catering: Lundy's
Flowers: Stems
Cake: Tinker's
Musicians: Raleigh Dailey Trio featuring Brad Kerns
Photographer: Anekdota Studio


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