Real MTB Wedding || Lauren + Chandler

Y'all. I don't even know where to begin with this couple. We've had the privilege of having Lauren in our shop twice, both as the bride and as a member of the bride's entourage, and we LOVE her. She was an absolute vision in her Hayley Paige gown and her love store with Chandler is so cute it will make you squeal. Enjoy the photos and vendor scoop from their gorgeous wedding day, and learn more about their story below!

Ashton Cude Favorites-0049.jpg

Can you give us a glimpse into you & your hubs's love story?

Chandler and I met four years ago. I was in nursing school working through my last day of clinicals when he came rolling in (shirtless) to the ICU. It just so happened I was assigned to be his nurse. I’m not even going to lie… I was iffy about having to take care of this hunky man. After my obligatory nursing assessment of his injury, I logged onto Twitter and tweeted, “I can’t decide if I love or hate having an attractive patient.” The awkwardness of our attraction was undeniable and I was trying my hardest to keep it professional! Despite the sparks, I kept it strictly business. The end of the day approached and as we were saying our goodbye’s, Chandler (being the business man that he is) asked me to jot down my number and email address. He proceeded to explain that the hospital he worked for “is always needing nurses” and he could help me find a job when I graduate. I giggled inside knowing his true intentions. He contacted me and we arranged a dinner date that next weekend. We haven’t looked back since….In case you were wondering, I have yet to receive information regarding his employment proposal.

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What was it about your dress that made you realize it was "the one?" 

I was pretty open to any dress style, but the gals at MTB helped me narrow it down to the fit and flare silhouette. I was liking the dresses I was trying on but just wasn't loving any of them. Ashton finally said, "let's bring out the Hayley Paige from the back, she'll love it". I walked over to it on the mannequin and noticed all of the soft, feminine details from the subtle lace down to the horse hair ruffle. I put it on and the inside was so soft and comfortable and it just felt like it was custom made for me. When I walked out, my family must have felt my smitten energy because there was a simultaneous gasp from them all. Although this was my first dress appointment, I knew this dress was special. I reluctantly left Meant to Be to try on other dresses at other appointments... We tried and we liked, but didn't love.  No other dress came close to having the same effect. Ty, Liz and Ashton met me back at MTB to see the dress on one last time. My favorite memory was that instance.... When we all squealed and clapped and poured the champagne to celebrated the moment that I announced that the dress was Meant to Be!!

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What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

Our first kiss. After our vows to each other and feeling the electricity and excitement of our forever upon us… With the support and blessing of everyone we loved surrounding us, in that moment. It was perfect. 

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What has been the best thing about marriage so far?

The best thing about marriage thus far is that we get to spend every single day with our favorite person. We find ourselves strategizing on a daily basis to find more time together. We have both commented on the new found confidence that marriage gives us as individuals, as well. We laugh about our (HUGE) personality differences but its these differences that have and will continue to strengthen our individual weaknesses. We learn from each other every single day. 

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Any pieces of wisdom or advice you'd like to share with future brides, engaged gals, or newlyweds like yourself?

I don't feel very qualified to give out marriage wisdom just yet so I'll share a little insight on our outlook on our future. We have vowed to keep "us" our only number one priority. We know that life with all of its evil and nastiness and hurt has us (and everyone for that matter) in its cross hairs. All of those nasty distractions and feelings can so easily creep in just to find a way to erase anything that's good and happy. Chandler and I recognize that this is all very real. All we can do now is promise to fight through it together as it comes, find a little humor and positivity, and create some really wonderful memories in the process.  

Additionally, I'd like to remind all brides to make sure you don't get too caught up in the madness of the wedding and planning. It's really not worth the stress and the expense. Focus on a few staples that are unique to you to make the day super special but mainly remember the real meaning of your wedding day... Your marriage.  

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Photography: Chloe Lane Photography

Catering: Darae and Friends

Grooms Bow Ties: Goff Club Collection

DJ: DJ Mikey B

Tent & Rentals: M & H Rentals, Purdon's Rentals

Venue: Family Owned

Makeup: Emily May Artistry

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Stella York New Arrivals

By: Taylor Clark

Happy Friday, loves! Our sister store Twirl has recently gifted us with some Stella York beauties that Ashton and I could not wait to model for y'all. Stella has long been a favorite designer of our Twirl and MTB brides, so we are simply ecstatic over these new arrivals!

"Juliet" Style 6506


"Sarah" Style 6051


"Diana" 6386


"Ashton" Style 6585


Our Pinterest page is now up-to-date with our latest new arrivals, including these Stella York pretties and more! Mosey on over there to get a glimpse of our inventory, and book an appointment with us soon.





Bridal Trends || Spring 2018

by: Ashton Cude

Dare I say it? I think it's finally spring, y'all! After a looooooong, cold winter, the sun is finally shining. Spring means strolling outside, switching back to iced coffee, and realizing your beach body is more of a couch body (can I get an Amen?!). But around here, spring also means it's time for bridal market!! Our owners recently got back from their trip to New York City where they got to see all the upcoming bridal trends. We're giving you the scoop here featuring some of our favorite Meant to Be gowns! It is SO possible to walk down the aisle in an off-the-rack gown and be on-trend. Here's proof:

Trend #1: Pantone Ultra Violet



Pantone has spoken! The color of the year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, a vibrant, blue-based purple. Pantone always has a huge influence on wedding trends for the year (anyone attend a blush wedding in 2016?), so you can expect to see purple popping up in weddings everywhere! We showcased this new arrival in last week's Friday Favorites post, but it's worth giving a second look...and maybe a third and fourth, too! This Carrafina sheath features a lavender-gray netted tulle that is so sweet and feminine, yet so bold at the same time. 

Trend #2: Flutter Sleeves


An overarching trend this season is ethereal, hyper-feminine style elements. Flutter sleeves are such a delicate, visually interesting feature. This particular gown has sold since we featured it, but keep your eyes on our Pinterest and here on the blog, because you never know what trendy pieces we'll get!

Trend #3: High necklines


Victorian silhouettes were all over the runway this season. High necklines fit right in with that trend and have been seen more and more in the last year. This stunning Allure gown features a jeweled high neckline with intricate lace detailing.

Trend #4: Pearls


For the bride who wants some bedazzling, but isn't a sparkle fan. Pearls are absolutely timeless and classic. This Stella York is sweet as can be with soft, French tulle and a pearl-encrusted bodice. Pearl buttons and a ribbon belt add even more detail. 

Trend #5: Short Hemlines


Shorter lengths can be so fun and show so much personality. Tea length and high-low hemlines give a nod to vintage styles and can also help show off your shoes if you have a show-stopping pair you want people to see! These styles are new arrivals we featured last week on the blog. The blush high-low has such exquisite embroidered detail. The tea length is a 50's dream in petal pink! 





Friday Favorites: A Dress of a Different Color

By: Taylor Clark

Hello, lovelies! Long time, no posts, am I right? It's been a crazy-hectic (but rewarding) time over on Walton Avenue, so we've had to take a step back from our Friday Favorites for a hot minute. But y'all have been so patient during our hiatus that we are beyond thrilled to reward y'all with a handful of unique and colorful new arrivals. We hope y'all enjoy the wide variety of hues that we've stumbled upon in this special edition of Friday Favorites!

Lovely in Lavender

Carrafina: Iris

This sweet little A-line is a staff favorite over here at MTB. I mean, y'all, what's not to love? It's a lavender and lace dream!


Blushin' Beauties

Mori Lee: Priscilla & Casablanca: Lizzie

The dynamic duo is back! Ashton's modeling a simply darling blush high-low gown, while I'm rocking a two-piece, tea-length blush beauty. If you can't tell by our expressions, we're happiest when we're modeling pink pretties together! 


Aw, Shucks! Outfitted in Oyster

Casablanca: Pearl

Mother of pearl, this silver gown is STUNNING from all angles (and so is the model)! 


Shimmering Champagne

Casablanca: 2285

Pop the bubbly, everyone, because this dress deserves a toast! We can't get over the plunging illusion neckline and delicately beaded illusion back. And y' has POCKETS!


Did any of these fun Friday Favorites gowns tickle your fancy? If so, y'all simply have to make an appointment to see if a dress of a different color is the dress for you! 







Real MTB Wedding | Elizabeth + Ben

Schadler Wedding-0178.jpg

Friends, I have been so excited to blog this wedding since before it even happened! Sweet Elizabeth is the sister to our Twirl Girl, Emily, and her appointment was so much fun! She chose a stunning, classic-yet-unique Hayley Paige gown and wore it at the perfect venue: Keeneland! Even though it still feels like winter, the spring meets are well underway, so what better time to feast our eyes on a gorgeous Keeneland wedding? Keep reading to hear their story, see their big day, and learn which vendors helped make it all happen!

Schadler Wedding-0123.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0473.jpg

Can you give us a glimpse into you & your hubs's love story?

Ben and I met on Thanksgiving Day 2014. We texted and talked on the phone for about a week before we met up for our first date. I knew about 30 seconds into our first date that I was in trouble! He was handsome, sweet, smart, and I liked that he had done a lot of traveling (he’s been to 47 of the 50 states!) We met at Pazzo’s in Lexington for dinner and the conversation went so well that we decided to drive out to the KY Horse Park to see the Southern Lights. We were both pretty smitten with each other and met for our second date just 12 hours later! From the first day we started talking to each other, we talked every day since then.

We started talking about when we would want to get engaged about a year into dating. Over our second year together we went through moving, graduating college (me - finally!), new careers for both of us, and travelled together. We just loved each other and supported each other through all of the different chapters that we went through.

For Thanksgiving 2016 we went to my mom’s lake house in Ghent, WV to spend the holiday with my family. The day before Thanksgiving Ben asked if I wanted to go for a hike and bring April, my dog, along. This was not an out of the normal question since we take a walk together every day anyway. Not too far into walking down the trail Ben bent over to pet April, then dropped down on one knee! He pulled the ring box out of his sweatshirt and all I could do was giggle and say yes! We had so much fun telling all of our family and close friends in person over that weekend!

Schadler Wedding-0069.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0079.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0009.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0169.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0030.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0086.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0094.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0098.jpg

What was it about your dress that made you realize it was "the one?" 

I knew that I wanted my dress to really make a big statement! Since our wedding was going to be at Keeneland I wanted something that was classy, timeless, but also different. I tried on around 10 dresses at Meant to Be, but when I tried my Hayley Paige gown on, I just knew it was the one! I loved all the layers in the skirt and the fitted sweetheart neckline, but most of all the STRIPES!!! I knew that this was a dress no one would ever forget!

My favorite memory from dress shopping was having some of the most important women in my life with me that day. I had my mom, sister, my Mema, and my future mother-in-law. I am so lucky to have such an incredible family and even more lucky that I adore Ben’s family too! They all teared up when I tried on “The One” and everyone agreed that it was THE dress!

Schadler Wedding-0061.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0089.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0064.jpg

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

There are so many! But, I have to say that I will never forget our first look. I walked up behind Ben in the paddocks and his face when he turned around… that was my favorite! He took a few steps back to take a full look at me and I just felt so beautiful and loved in that moment.

I am a horse lover myself so just being able to have our wedding at Keeneland was a dream come true. We were so blessed to have a gorgeous spring-like day with one of the most breathtakingly beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Ben said he felt like it was his mom’s way of being there. She passed away from breast cancer when he was in college and sadly I was never able to meet her, but I love her so much for raising the kindest and most caring man I’ve ever met.

Schadler Wedding-0183.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0144.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0149.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0191.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0035.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0101.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0434.jpg

What has been the best thing about marriage so far?

The best part of being married so far is having a partner to share everything with in life! Life is so wonderful, but sometimes there are tough days, even just a few months into being married. The one thing that is so consistent for us is our love for each other. Ben is really my rock and I know that I can depend on him no matter what happens!

Schadler Wedding-0214.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0121.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0128.jpg

Any pieces of wisdom or advice you'd like to share with future brides, engaged gals, or newlyweds like yourself?

The best advice I have ever gotten were actually words straight from my sweet HusBen’s (I lovingly refer to Ben as this now!) mouth. He told me, “Enjoy every chapter!” If you are dating in hopes of an engagement to come, enjoy doing new things together and making memories that will last forever. If you are engaged, don’t wish the time away till your wedding, this chapter goes by oh so very fast! This is such a fun time full of planning and parties and through it all you just get even closer to your fiancé. If you are a newlywed, look forward to all of your amazing plans, but take joy in the small things like cooking dinners together and cuddling just the two of you on the couch watching movies. Both sets of my grandparents have been together for over 65 years and they both agree time goes by too fast! Love EVERY moment of your life together!

Schadler Wedding-0455.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0457.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0461.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0304.jpg
Schadler Wedding-0249.jpg


Ceremony & Reception Venue - Keeneland Race Course

Caterer - Keeneland Hospitality

Photographer - Grace Ann Pumpelly

DJ - Jason Eustice

Flowers - House by JSD Designs

Cake - Bourbon Belle’s Custom Cakes

Hair & Makeup - Mickey Salon/Spa

Bridal Salon - Meant to Be Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid Dresses - Twirl

Alterations - Needle’s Eye

Menswear - Men’s Warehouse