Bridal Beauty Myths with PinkLouLou

by Aston Cude

Today we're joining forces with our friends Dana and Allison of PinkLouLou Design Studio to debunk some common bridal beauty myths. Dana and Allison are professional hair and makeup artists as well as ambassadors of all things fabulous. Who better to help us navigate the truths and falsehoods of hair and makeup? We caught up with them and got their sage advice. Below are some common misconceptions that can trip brides up on their big day.

1. Dirty hair styles better: So false! While having a little grit in your hair does help ease the tease, this effect can easily be achieved with texturizing products. It's important that you have clean, dry hair to work with on your wedding day. The same is true for your hair trial. If you roll up in a three-day-old messy bun, there's no way your stylist can give you a test-run of the gorgeous bridal look you're going for.  Make sure you have a clean face, too, for your makeup application.

2. Wedding day is the time to go wild with your look: Not so much. While you'll definitely want to pump up your everyday look, you don't want to look like someone else. You want to look like the most beautiful, bridal version of YOU. Choose a hair and makeup look that reflects your personal style, but more glam. Be careful with new trends and wild looks. Remember that your wedding photos last forever and you want your look to be timeless.

3. Barely-there makeup is fine: On the other end up the spectrum, you don't want your makeup look to be too soft. In order to photograph well, your makeup needs a little color. If you're normally a no-makeup girl, don't be afraid to wear a full face of makeup on your big day. Communicate with your stylist and trust her not to make you look fake. "The whole point of makeup is to play up your natural features. We just want to accent what it already there." says Dana. Always schedule a hair and makeup trial so you can figure out what look works for you.

4. Pinterest is realistic: We already know this one is a myth. When it comes to bridal inspo, Pinterest can be a lifesaver. However, not everything on Pinterest is real. Many hair and makeup photos have been photoshopped, color tinted, and edited. Most models are sporting hair extensions. When looking for inspiration, keep in mind your own features. Hair stlyes look different on blondes than they do on brunettes. If you're looking at celebrity photos, look for celebs that have similar features to you. Look for inspiration that will bring out your beauty to its fullest!

This is the photo (on the left) I used for wedding inspo. This girl has the same hair and eye color as I do, and is sporting the type of bridal look I wanted. Image via Pinterest.

5. Professional products are magic: There are some wonder-working makeup and hair products out there, for sure! However, no amount of pro-styling can keep lipstick from wearing off during a wedding day. If you have an outdoor August wedding and you sweat profusely, your makeup is going to get a little dicey, whether a pro applied it for you or not. Make sure you have a touch up kit with a lip color, oil blotters, and hairspray. Your stylist will do everything they can to make your look last, but they can't make the products permanent.

Now you know the truth about these bridal beauty myths! To see more of the looks Dana and Allison have created, visit their website:

Follow them along & get in touch with them here: WEBISTE | Allison's IG | Dana's IG




By Ashton Cude

Warmer temperatures and frequent rain showers mean one thing: spring has finally sprung! Spring is a perfect season for weddings. Beautiful weather, the possibility of a rainy photo op, and gorgeous blooms everywhere...what could be better? Read on to learn about fun wedding trends to incorporate into your springtime wedding day!

1. 3-D florals: As Miranda Priestly noted, florals for spring aren't exactly groundbreaking. However, making them three-dimensional steps things up a notch! 3-D florals add texture and a touch of whimsy to your bridal look. This tea-length Two by Rosa Clara gown features the sweetest flowers along the hemline. Kate McDonald's Essex top also has gorgeous 3-D detailing. (Images via Pinterest.)

1. Colored dresses: Blush has ruled the wedding world for the last couple of years when it comes to alternative dress colors. Good news for bold brides: there are more pretty pastel hues to choose from! Champagne, lilac, and blue make gorgeous bridal colors. Don't be afraid to branch out if you love a colored dress. My grandmother got married in 1960 in blush silk. White is classic, but colored dresses are by no means non-traditional. Pictured: Hayley Paige's Nicoletta has layers of luscious lavender and this deep champagne Martina Liana has a stunning train.  (Images via Pinterest.)

1. Bright colors with neutrals: Pantone's spring 2017 color palette features candy-colored brights mixed with soft, warm neutrals. Consider going with bold, bright florals set against neutral wedding party attire. Or, opt for a bright wedding party palette and use neutral flowers with lots of greenery. You can also incorporate metallics into your color palette for a touch of shimmer. 


1. Cardigans: Spring weather can be unpredictable, and wedding dresses aren't necessarily designed for warmth. A soft cardigan is spring's answer to winter's fur wrap. If you're cold-natured and concerned about outdoor temps or icy air conditioning, a cardigan will keep you warm and cute. Think about incorporating one of your wedding colors, or go with a soft neutral. Kate Middleton layered her satin reception gown with a soft cropped cardigan and created a timeless look. Other layering options include denim jackets (perfect for a barn wedding where you'll be dancing into the cooler evening) and pashmina wraps. Layering pieces make great bridesmaid's gifts, too! (Image of Kate via Harper's Bazaar)

1. Guest entertainment: Wedding days can involve a lot of downtime for guests. Get creative and keep your guests engaged. If you're going to be indoors, consider having a mad lib or crossword at the reception tables for guests to complete while they wait. Games like cornhole and croquet can liven up a casual outdoor reception and offer a way for guests to interact. (Images via Pinterest)

Whether you choose to incorporate any of these trends or not, the most important thing is to make sure your wedding day is true to you! Have fun choosing the details, large and small, that showcase your love story. All the dresses featured in this post are available at Meant to Be, so if any of these beauties make your heart flutter, set up an appointment to see them in person! 




by Kali Jakobi

Happy Friday friends! We’re back with our Meant To Be Friday Favorites! This week we are especially sweet on the boho wedding trends. Below are the favorite in store dresses that are perfect for a boho wedding. 

This Rosa Clara Urano dress is a gorgeous sheath style gown with Venetian lace detail all the way down. We adore this romantic style for an outdoor evening wedding under the stars.

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pinterest page:

Kate McDonald’s Onassis gown has the perfect amount of detail for a bride wanting a simply yet unique dress. We love the asymmetrical back and the embellished belt.

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pinterest page: 

It’s all in the details with this Blush 1357 by Hayley Paige! We adore the intricate lace along the neckline and the scalloped lace in the back!

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pinterest page:

We love the romantic details of this Alvina Valenta 9202 gown. The elegant mermaid style paired with beaded straps and a keyhole back will be turning heads all night.

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pinterest page:

This strapless Blush by Hayley Paige June gown would pair perfectly with a flower crown for all our boho brides looking to add some color! The English net bandeau draped bodice, beaded trim waist, and shimmer lace skirt combine beautifully into a sweet light weight gown for your special day.

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pinterest page:

This stunning Martina Liana 772 gown features a sweetheart neckline with lace embellishments in a boho pattern throughout. We love this dress for many reasons but especially adore the button detail all the way down the train.

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pinterest page:




by Kali Jakobi

Happy Friday friends! We are so excited to share with you something new! Tune in each Friday for a showcase of our Meant To Be Friday Favorites.  This sweet warmer weather has us dreaming of those tropical beach weddings so many of our brides love! Here are our favorite beach wedding dresses and ideas.

We adore the Ellie dress from Miss Hayley Paige for a beach wedding!  A gorgeous jeweled illusion paired with a simple chiffon skirt is the perfect pair to walk down a sandy isle.

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pinterest page:

A showstopper no doubt, this dress, a Blush by Haley Paige is perfect for a sunset wedding somewhere tropical. We love the elegant illusion high neck paired with the delicately detailed back!

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pintrest page:

The Catalina dress gives us all the romantic feels. Miss Hayley Paige steals our hearts a little more each time she adds intricate details to a beautiful simple gown. After the ceremony this dress would be sure to shine in a ocean photo shoot.

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pintrest page:

While we love Hayley Paige’s dresses for beach wedding ideas we also adore this beauty from Justin Alexander! The cap sleeves are simply stunning! With all eyes on you, this dress demands a gorgeous scenery to match!

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pintrest page:

Our final favorite is this gorgeous one shouldered gown by Rosa Clara! The comfortable fit of this dress warrants a bride who is ready to dance it out in giddy celebration.

For wedding ideas to compliment this dress follow this link to our Pintrest page:

We hope this inspires you ladies! We can't wait to share more with you next week!! XO



Friends! We are overjoyed to kick off a brand new series over here on the Meant To Be blog! Our amazing assistant manger, Ashton Cude, is going to walk y'all through several months of her experiences through wedding planning, engagement, her actual wedding, and life as wife/newlywed. We are so thrilled & excited. To know Ashton is to love her and we have no doubt her words will be an encouragement to your hearts! Enjoy, y'all! XO, The MTB Gals

About three years ago, I was sitting at my reception desk when the cutest patient walked in. He was tall, had a sweet smile, and the cut off shirts he was wearing after coming from the gym were not lost on me. I started dressing a lot cuter on Mondays when his appointments were scheduled, and at the end of the summer it finally paid off. Andrew asked me out on a date. The rest, as they say, is history. We got married on July 9th, 2016. Our wedding day was worshipful, joyous, and perfect for us. However, as much planning as I did for the wedding, I also wanted to do some planning for marriage.

I knew marriage would be the biggest challenge I had ever taken on, and I wanted to be intentional about seeking wisdom. In the month leading up to my wedding, I decided to read passages of Scripture that would speak to those places in my heart that needed cultivating in order to be a Godly wife. Whether you are a person of faith or not, the principles given in Scripture offer guidelines on mutual trust and respect, healthy conflict resolution, and the vital roles of men and women. What marriage can’t benefit from improvement in those areas? You can approach heart preparation in whatever way works for you. I personally compiled a list of 30 different verses and passages so that I had something to read each day. Here were my biggest takeaways:

  1. You need help to be a good wife: Marriage requires all of you. Your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional self will all be called upon in both the big things that life throws at you, and the mundane of every day. Make sure you aren’t pouring out of an empty well. Take time out for individual spiritual growth and restoration. Have a community of women who will speak truth and grace into your life. Be humble enough to let your spouse serve you as you seek to serve them.

  2. Perspective is everything: The best thing you can do for your marriage is to go in with realistic expectations. Marriage is not about you and your personal happiness. It’s about two people becoming one and working as a team to make love last and leave a legacy for those they love. Your spouse will not make you happy every moment of every day. Have a healthy enough self-perception to realize that you are no picnic to live with, either. For every ounce of grace you extend to your spouse, they will extend you grace in return. Some days will be a breeze, some days will be boring, and some days will test you. It’s all part of the life’s work that makes up a healthy marriage.

  3. God loves marriage: So many of the passages I read made it clear that God is brought so much glory through a good marriage. He is on your side! He wants your marriage to succeed. He will equip you for each day. God’s love for us is described over and over in Scripture as the love a groom has for his bride. What a beautiful picture we get to paint as we seek to love each other well over a lifetime.

So there you have it! Those are the nuggets of wisdom that helped me go into marriage with joy and confidence. I hope they will uplift and inspire you as you look forward to becoming a wife!



Friends! We are popping the champagne this morning because TODAY WE TURN ONE!! We are seriously in disbelief. This year has FLOWN BY but goodness gracious has it been full of more blessings than we deserve. In the last year, over 100 brides found their dream dress that was "meant to be", we've built an amazing team of women who love & serve our brides beautifully, and we have gotten to experience abundant support from this incredible industry both locally & nationally. We are blown away & grateful beyond words. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for following along with us and making this dream a (successful) reality for us.

This year has been full of all kinds of emotions, mostly excitement! It's been a whirlwind but one of the best of our lives. We have gotten to witness the Lord move and provide in mighty ways. We are overwhelmed by God's goodness that he would allow us to have this business and get to be a part of so many people's lives in such a special way. It is all a gift, every little bit of it.

We thought it'd be fun to go through some highlights from the past year with y'all and just reflect on the blessings that came our way in the last 365 days. So join us on this little trip down memory lane. XO!

Blood, sweat, and tears (& lots of prayers) went into making this baby a reality. So thankful for our friends and family that spent hours with us painting, peels stickers off windows, and having many a dance party with us! It takes a village, y'all. Thankful for ours!

Blood, sweat, and tears (& lots of prayers) went into making this baby a reality. So thankful for our friends and family that spent hours with us painting, peels stickers off windows, and having many a dance party with us! It takes a village, y'all. Thankful for ours!

Our first official day! December 16, 2015. Liz's best friend's little sister was our very first appointment and it was a memory we will cherish forever.

Our first official day! December 16, 2015. Liz's best friend's little sister was our very first appointment and it was a memory we will cherish forever.

Local Recognition: We were featured in TOPS in Lexington and are proud members of Simply Love Studio and the Original Makes Club. // National Recognition: We are now Blue Ribbon Vendors with Southern Weddings and celebrated with all the SW gals at their Volume 9 Launch Party back in November. // Such an honor to be a part of all of these publications!

Local Recognition: We were featured in TOPS in Lexington and are proud members of Simply Love Studio and the Original Makes Club. // National Recognition: We are now Blue Ribbon Vendors with Southern Weddings and celebrated with all the SW gals at their Volume 9 Launch Party back in November. // Such an honor to be a part of all of these publications!

We had a belated grand opening party around Derby Time and it was so wonderful! It was such a sweet feeling to be surrounded by so many wonderful people in the wedding industry and several friends & family members to celebrate this adventure with us. Darae & Friends catered the event and spoiled us with all kinds of goodies. Tinkers won our hearts with sweet treats for our guests to enjoy. Blooms 'N' Blossoms made our little shoppe look & smell amazing with gorgeous florals, Purdon's killed it with the table & linen rentals, and Becky Willard documented the night perfectly. We are so grateful for all the love & support from our people. Again, y'all, it takes a village!

Two of our other favorite highlights from the year were getting to be a part of The Big Fake Wedding here in Lexington as well as being a part of the first annual Joyful Day Giveaway. Such amazing things to be a part of that blessed us tremendously.

And then of course, our greatest highlights have been our AMAZING brides! Without these incredible women this dream would not be a reality and for that we are so incredibly thankful! So to our 105 brides this year -- THANK YOU! Thank you for shopping with us and allowing us to be a part of this beautiful season of life with you. You have blessed us more than you will ever know. We pray for your lives & marriages -- that they would be blessed with love, joy, and meaning. We adore you and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. XOXOXOXOXOXO

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times, but we mean it.. THANK YOU ALL! We are blessed beyond measure and we couldn't do any of this without the love and support of this MTB family of ours. Whether you're our bride, our friends & family, or a sweet friend who's following along on social media.. thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

So cheers to one year down & many more to go! Happy Friday, friends! We hope your weekend is one of great joy. XOXOXOXOXO -- Liz & Ty

GIVE LOVE. GET LOVE. | Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Happy Friday, folks! We hope you've got a fun weekend ahead of holiday fun or just snuggling in for the night and keeping warm with the ones you love. Whatever you're doing, we hope it's lovely and makes you happy.

We are firm believers that kindness is one of the greatest love languages of all time. It is such a small thing but can make the world of difference in someone's life. There is not enough kindness in the world and we would love to see that change.

This month we want to challenge ourselves to spread kindness around like wildfire. We would also love to challenge YOU to do the same. So every Friday we're going to share a couple Random Acts Of Kindness challenges to inspire y'all.

Kindness is the greatest gift we can give one another because the root is love. Kindness doesn't cost you anything. And we'll let you in on a little secret.. when you GIVE love, you GET love in return. Loving people fills up your soul in a way nothing else can. So go on gang, spread kindness like wildfire! We believe in you and are excited for you to experience the joy that comes from giving such love & kindness to an unsuspecting soul. :)

Ideas for some Random Acts of Kindness fun you can have this week:

1. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line.

2. Write a hand written letter to someone and send it in the mail.

3. Take treats to the fire station.

We would love to hear about your RAK adventures! If you do any, please share with us by telling us about it in the comments. GIVE LOVE. GET LOVE. xoxoxo, the MTB Gals



Friends! We are SO excited to share with you what will be going on tomorrow (December 3rd). One of our consultants is heavily involved in DanceBlue at the University of Kentucky. Hearing her hearts for this causes has only made our hearts explode more & more. We are overjoyed to share that we will having a "MTB Gives Back" Saturday tomorrow to help raise funds for DanceBlue! We had our sweet consultant, Kaylee Hobbs, who is the PR chair for DB share her heart with y'all and give some info all about this incredible event & fundraiser. Hear all about it below!

This Saturday, December 3rd, Twirl is supporting the mission of DanceBlue by donating 10% of dresses sold to DanceBlue. I, Kaylee Hobbs, am a senior at UK and currently serve as the Public Relations Chair for DanceBlue and have been involved with the organization since I was a freshman at the University of Kentucky.

DanceBlue is a University of Kentucky student run organization that fundraises year-round and culminates in a 24-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon. All the money that is raised through DanceBlue is donated to the Golden Matrix Fund, which then works to support the kids of the DanceBlue Kentucky Children's Hospital Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic, as well as support of research at the UK Markey Cancer Center.

Through my chair position, I have had the opportunity to volunteer in the DanceBlue clinic to help alleviate the burdens of cancer placed on the kids and their families. Normally I spend my time playing with kids during their chemo treatments, making crafts, and offering a helping hand wherever needed. One of my most special memories in the clinic was when a young girl was telling me her dreams of opening her own boutique and selling “clothes with sparkles”. Of course, I told her all about Twirl. Whether it be laughing together at YouTube videos, playing monopoly, or having a warhead eating contest on Halloween (I totally lost), I am honored to be let in to such an intimate part of these kids’ lives.

Childhood cancer not only affects the child physically, but it also creates many emotional and financial difficulties for the entire family. The goal of the Golden Matrix Fund is to provide care and support for the kids through giving them and their parent's comfort.

Through 11 years of DanceBlue, more than $9.8 million has been raised to support this cause. This fund has been able to allow the hiring of vital staff in the clinic such as a Child life Specialist who provides encouragement and distraction to help the child emotionally handle their diagnosis and the treatments. Additionally, a school intervention specialist has been brought on as an advocate for the patients within schools to ensure they do not fall behind in classes as a result of their treatment.

Finally, the support of the Golden Matrix Fund has recently allowed for the construction of a new pediatric hematology oncology clinic that will expand the capacity of the clinic as well as provide a more convenient and comfortable experience for the families.

The DanceBlue 2017 marathon is February 25th to 26th, 8p to 8pm in Memorial Coliseum. All community members are welcome and encouraged to attend and get a glimpse of the magic that is DanceBlue.

To learn more about DanceBlue visit, or follow them on Instagram, @UK_DanceBlue, Facebook, @DanceBlue, or Twitter, @UKDanceBlue.

So if you're shopping with us tomorrow, know that your lovely dollars are going to an amazing cause! And if you want to just swing by the shop & drop off a donation, please know it will joyfully welcomed & appreciated! XOXO

Upcoming Fall Wedding Trends

Upcoming Fall Wedding Trends

Upcoming Fall Wedding Trends

by Kristina Rosen

Each season of the year brings new trends to the wedding scene. While brides try to incorporate seasonal themes into their weddings, many choose to keep with the popular styles of color, flowers and fashion. With the change in leaves and cooler weather that is headed our way, check out the following trends you’re bound to see this upcoming fall season.

Color Trends: Metallic Palette

Rose gold is undoubtedly the go-to color this year with copper being its designated sidekick. These two colors can be paired with most color palettes, including ones with dark hues which are popular during the fall.

With the option to add glitter, metallic colors can be incorporated both elegantly and casually into the details of a wedding.

Fashion Trends: Sleeves & Navy

Cap sleeves, long sleeves, and bell sleeves will take over the aisle. Sleeved dresses can be both dramatic and bohemian, and are ideal for the unpredictable fall weather.

Lace texture, 3D embellishments, and stunning open backs continue to be defining details of wedding gowns and will undoubtedly be seen.

Navy is the new black, but mostly for the men. More grooms are choosing to wear navy suits, instead of black ones. Of course, navy is the ideal alternative to black since it looks just as good with white.  

Floral Trends: Fresh & Fun

Flowers are just as prominent in fall weddings as they are in spring weddings. With the theme of natural hair and makeup popular among brides, there’s a desire to accompany that theme with undone, whimsical bouquets.

The freshly picked flower trend allows a bride to add variety by mixing and matching the size, shape and color of her flowers.

For a seasonal look, choose flowers with hues of orange, burgundy, and red while using maple leaves, berries, and burlap to accent the bouquet.

As for décor and centerpieces, it’s all green everything. Couples are straying from floral table arrangements and instead using leafy greens and branches as the main component. Fruits and vegetables are being added for a touch of color.

Cake Trends: Have your cake…and more dessert too

The days of the traditional white frosted wedding cake are being left behind as the trend of naked cakes is taking over. These tasteful cakes have little to no frosting and are topped with flowers and fruits.

With smaller and simpler cakes, couples are serving additional desserts including donuts, macaroons, and gelato. Of course, with it being fall, couples can’t go wrong with including pie in their menu.

Photography Trends: A picture speaks a thousand words

Perfectly posed wedding photographs are timeless, but there’s something special about a candid photo. Whether it’s tears being wiped from faces or laugher being captured on the dance floor, brides want pictures that remind them of those special moments.

Expect to see more wedding pictures that are caught in the moment and tell a story.



The Big Fake Wedding Takes Lexington

by Kristina Rosen

With every Big Fake Wedding comes the challenge of putting together the ideal wedding based on a particular theme. Lexington’s challenge can be described in two words as industrial glamour. Envision rigid typography, romantic flowers, and a room warmed by candle lights and Edison bulbs. A color palette full of maroon, green, and gold, and a dark lit after party with loud music to the tune of “The Very Thought of You” by Ella Fitzgerald. The bride walks down the aisle of a tastefully decorated 40’s era warehouse sporting a glittery bohemian gown. Throw in 40 local vendors, 50 plus attendees, and an elegant ceremony, and you’ve got Lexington’s take on The Big Fake Wedding.

On July 14th, the alternative bridal show known as The Big Fake Wedding held an event here in Lexington. As a bridal show disguised wedding ceremony, this event hopes to inspire engaged couples, encourage strong lasting marriages, and promote small business. The purpose of The Big Fake Wedding is to give prospective brides and grooms a glimpse of what local vendors have to offer before couples commit. Local businesses throughout Lexington were asked to offer their services and Meant to Be Boutique was fortunate enough to be one of them.

Tasked with providing a dress, Meant to Be dressed the bride in a sparkly, chic Justin Alexander gown. The bride, Sybil, looked nothing less than stunning as she walked past the crowd in this fitted beauty. 

The night began with a short, but emotional ceremony where the featured couple, Sybil and Bruno, renewed their vows. The honorary lovebirds met their freshman year of college and dated four years before tying the knot. Their vow renewal served to show that a marriage can be just as solid whether it’s five days or five years after the wedding.

Following the theme of industrial glamour, the venue needed to be both rustic and stylish. With its brick walls, architectural details, and urban setting, The Livery was a prime location.

Classic candle lights and flower petals were added to turn this industrial warehouse into a chic reception site.

Once the ceremony was over, guests visited the reception area to check out the table settings, sample some food and enjoy the music. The Tunnel of Love, also known as the meet and greet with the vendors, opened up for guests to walk through and learn about the businesses who helped make this event possible.

Confused Confections Bakehouse did a great job incorporating the color palette into the cake display.

As they entered The Tunnel of Love, guests were provided with a vendor guide. This go-to booklet outlined what each vendor did and provided a resource for taking notes throughout the night.

Table Displays by: Confused Confections Bakehouse, Indigo Salon + WellnessSouthern Belle Glitz, and Sherwood Design and Events.

Four event and floral design companies were each asked to create two table placements that went with the theme. All of the tables nailed the industrial glamour theme, yet each was distinct from one another. Nonetheless, they all came together to create a glamourized look. Place settings were labeled so that each guest had a place to sit, but guests were encouraged to check out all the tables.  

PaperHeartBlooms hand-crafted these floral beauties to display on Table 2, along with creating the display for the Head Table.

Guests couldn’t make it to the dance floor without passing by the elegant table display done by Refined Social Events.

Along with the bouquets and boutonnieres, Carol Lynn Originals + Events designed a sophisticated, silver toned place setting for Table 5.

Sherwood Design and Events decorated the ceremony backdrop with leafy ornaments, in addition to designing a modish table featuring purple hues and a metallic globe.

Over 40 local vendors came together to make this a memorable event for Sybil and Bruno, as well as for the attendees. In the past several years, The Big Fake Wedding has hosted more than 30 events in 25 different cities. This year, Lexington was lucky to be a chosen destination and the participating businesses did not disappoint. Thanks to passionate local businesses, this unique event proved that there’s a community of people who care about you and strive to make your wedding dreams come true.  



The Big Fake Wedding

by Kristina Rosen

Fake weddings can be real fun.

Calling all brides-to-be, wedding enthusiasts or anyone craving a fun night out. Imagine attending a unique event hosted by some of the best businesses within the local wedding and bridal industry. In less than a week, the innovative bridal show, known as The Big Fake Wedding, is coming to town. With Lexington being a hub for community collaboration, don’t miss the chance to see passionate, local businesses come together to put on a special wedding event.     

So what is The Big Fake Wedding?

Just as the name implies, it’s not really a wedding. The Big Fake Wedding is an alternative bridal show including a ceremony, food, and dance-party reception. Attendees are usually future brides and grooms looking for wedding inspiration, as well as vendors who want to expose themselves. Guests hear the music, eat the food, and enjoy the night as if they were at a typical wedding. By the end of the night, the goal is for prospective brides and grooms to leave wanting a wedding like the one they just attended.

Founded in 2008 by Callie Murray, The Big Fake Wedding was created in hopes of unleashing the ideal wedding experience. As a photographer, Callie realized the best weddings she worked were the ones where clients saw her in action first. Recognizing the value in building relationships based on experience, she created this event to allow future brides and grooms to see potential vendors in action before committing. The Big Fake Wedding strives to promote small business, inspire couples, and encourage solid marriages. Since the first event in 2008, The Big Fake Wedding has attracted thousands of attendees and vendors to more than 30 events in 25 cities each year.

The Big Fake Wedding allows vendors to showcase their products and services as they would an actual wedding. They have the opportunity to expose their businesses, gain connections and marketing tools, meet potential clients, and find inspiration in the best way possible. This event benefits the vendors as much as it does the guests who attend in hopes of finding probable vendors to use for their special day.

But if it’s a fake wedding, who’s the ceremony for?

With the desire to encourage solid marriages, comes the idea of a vow renewal. Like the name suggests, the purpose of the The Big Fake Wedding isn’t to put on an actual wedding or have a redo one. Instead the ceremony features an already married couple who has no say in the details of the wedding, but participates as a way to support local businesses and show the joys of marriage. The Big Fake Wedding as a whole proves that a good wedding is worth planning for, but the purpose of the ceremony is to show that more importantly a good marriage is worth planning for.

Once the ceremony is over and the reception has begun, the Tunnel of Love will open. The Tunnel of Love is a meet and greet with all the participating vendors. Free stuff is handed out, vendors discuss their services, and guests are able to ask questions. Vendors look to build relationships and guests look to become better acquainted with their favorite businesses. It’s also a good opportunity for vendors to gain exposure, network within the industry, and make contacts with potential clients.

If you’re lucky enough to have this event come to a location near you, GO. It’s not your typical bridal show nor wedding ceremony, and you surely won’t regret making an appearance. If you go, here are some tips to make your night worthwhile.

Use the vendor guide.

At the beginning of the event, a booklet is provided and outlines what each vendor did or supplied. Grab one and take notes. You’ll be thankful you jotted down all the details once the night is over.

Check out the Tunnel of Love.

It’s like adult trick or treating wedding edition. Enjoy the party and take advantage of the dance floor, but don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the personalities of each vendor and the services they have to offer.

Expect a party, not a show.

 Yes, it’s technically a wedding, but it’s really not.

Don’t let riding solo stop you from going or having fun.

So your fiancé doesn’t want to go? Take a bridesmaid or a friend, take your mother, or even go alone! No matter who comes with you, enjoy yourself. You’ll regret not going more than you’ll regret who you bring along.

Where: The Livery

When: July 14th, 2016

7-9 pm

Cost: $25 per ticket

What’s included: Ceremony, light bites, reception, swag bag

Buy online:


The Consigned Wedding Dress Appeal

The Consigned Wedding Dress Appeal

The Consigned Wedding Dress Appeal

by Kristina Rosen

It wasn’t until I started interning at Meant To Be this summer that I realized how vital a consignment based wedding boutique can be. With Lexington being a prominent destination for dress hunting, there are several bridal stores in the area, but none like Meant To Be. Nowadays more women are choosing to spend less on a wedding gown, likewise more women are opting to sell their gown instead of holding onto it. The idea of a boutique that thrives off of consigned wedding dresses is new and innovative, but it’s quickly gaining popularity. Whether you’re familiar with this concept or curious about why it’s becoming marketable, I encourage you to consider the benefits and why it appeals to many.

Before any assumptions are made about the inventory of a consignment boutique, keep in mind that not all of the dresses have been worn. If the idea of wearing someone else’s dress doesn’t appeal to you, don’t let that be the reason you don’t make an appointment. Bridal boutiques that sell consigned dresses also sell samples of discontinued dresses.

At Meant To Be, there are over 80 bridal gowns with less than ten of those being consigned. The majority of the dresses in the boutique are samples from their sister store, Twirl, as well as samples from other boutiques and vendors. Since samples are tried on briefly, these dresses are worn for only a few minutes at a time. It’s like buying a new dress, but with additional benefits, including cost.

It’s no surprise that wedding dresses are expensive, especially when factored into an entire wedding budget. Consigned gowns, which have been previously owned or altered, are often less expensive than dresses found at typical bridal stores. Even if a consigned dress was never worn or even taken out of the bag, it’s still discounted from the original price it was purchased for. With no special ordering or shipping involved, the purchasing process is both faster and less expensive. This allows you to potentially buy a dress you may not have been able to afford under other circumstances.

A bride knows she’s found the right dress when she can’t bear the idea of walking out of the store without her dress coming with her. As most brides can attest, the worst part about ordering a dress is waiting for it to come in. Fortunately, when buying at a consignment boutique, your dress is yours to take home that same day. With this off the rack purchase, there’s no need to worry about the dress not arriving in time for alterations. Plus, receiving the dress so quickly makes it easier to stick with that gut feeling and not second guess the choice that was made.   

Not to mention, consignment boutiques are ideal for women who face a time limit for finding a dress. From brides who move up their wedding dates to brides who find themselves amidst a spur of the moment wedding, it’s difficult to buy, order, and alter a dress within a short period of time. No bride should have to settle for less or rush into a decision despite being pressed for time.

The higher the price of the dresses doesn’t mean a higher experience. Just because a bride is buying a consigned gown does not mean she is rushing, or even compromising her shopping experience. Whether your appointment is at Kleinfeld in New York or at a local boutique in your town, it’s the job of any bridal consultant to help you find what you’re looking for. A bride’s shopping experience is just as special and memorable regardless of where the dress came from or the price on the tag.

In a world obsessed with fast fashion, what’s wrong with wanting to reuse a wedding dress?

Wedding gowns by no means fall into the fast fashion category, but likewise to fast fashion apparel, gowns are often disregarded after just one wear. Most dresses are worn for no more than a day before they’re shoved in a closet for years to come. Choosing to buy a used or sample wedding dress limits the number of textiles and resources employed, especially when there are plenty of accessible dresses to be chosen from and worn again.

So what if you’re not in the market to buy a dress, but you’re looking to sell one? Consignment boutiques benefit brides-to-be as much as they benefit women looking to recycle their own dress. As you can imagine though, selling a wedding dress on your own is challenging. Since brides often use the Internet solely for browsing rather than buying, selling online can be especially difficult. This is where consignment bridal boutiques become vital. With most consignment boutiques, the selling process is simple: hand over the dress and leave it to the boutique to sell it. It doesn’t become much easier than that.

Regardless of where a dress comes from or the price it was purchased for; a bride will always look beautiful. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if a dress was brand new, or used, ordered seven months ago, or found a day before the wedding. What’s most important is for a bride to feel beautiful, happy and confident not only because of her dress, but because she is starting a new chapter in her life. 




By Kristina Rosen

Not every bride has that “ah-ha” moment where she puts on a dress and knows instantly that it’s the one. Some brides fall in love with their first dress while others have to model twenty before they find the ideal one. Whether or not you’ve tried on bridal gowns before, I’m sure you’ve imagined the moment and dress you say yes to. With making appointments, finding time in busy schedules, and not to mention the pressure of actually choosing a gown; most brides know the search for their dream dress can be demanding. In order to make your dress hunting experience more fun than stressful, follow these simple tips and ensure that you purchase your dress as easily as possible.

Know your budget

Before you step into a dress, set a realistic price range. Knowing how much you’re willing and able to spend is helpful, especially once you start looking. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to consider alterations, possibly a veil, and any additional accessories when making your budget.


Once your wedding is in sight, it’s never too early to start searching for a dress. You don’t necessarily have to go the day after you’re engaged, but you’ll want to leave yourself at least 7-8 months for ordering and alterations. Besides, your dress often controls the tone of the wedding, so finding your dress early on can make the rest of the planning process easier. If you don't have 7-8 months, don't fret! That's exactly why MTB exists. Try to find off the rack places if your wear date is shorter so you don't have to stress over your dress coming in on time or not.


There’s no doubt that looking for a dress at the right time can enhance your shopping experience. The weekend, and Saturday in particular, is the busiest and most popular time to go. For a quieter, less busy atmosphere, opt to schedule your appointments during the week or early on weekend mornings. 


Sure, we all want a crowd of people praising us for each dress we model, but try to limit the number of guests you bring to each appointment. Being accompanied by an entire entourage can make it harder for you to express your opinions and concerns. It’s your big day, so don’t allow anyone to steal your voice or take this moment from you.


You will know which dress is the one for you. It might not feel like “the dress” right away or it may not be the one you’ve always envisioned yourself in, but if it’s meant to be the dress for you, you’ll know. As cliché as it sounds, trust your instincts and listen to your heart. The dress that you feel the most confident, beautiful and happiest in is the one you should be married in.


Sometimes the dress you’re hesitant about or least expect to love is the one you end up loving. Don’t be afraid to try on something that isn’t pinned on your Pinterest page or one that the bridal consultant pulls for you. I actually encourage you to keep an open mind and try on a dress that doesn’t necessarily fit your description. You’ll never really know if you don’t like it until you try it on.



April Showers bring MAY FLOWERS

by Kristina Rosen

Just like the seasons of the year, the trends in wedding flowers are always changing. Depending on what is blooming or what your theme is will affect the flowers that you choose for your wedding. Brides often don’t realize how vital their floral choices are until it comes time to choose them. With picking the ideal flowers comes considering each detail from what your bridesmaids will carry to what your centerpieces will consist of. Whether or not you have your mind set on what you want, check out some of these popular floral trends among other brides.


Fortunately for those with spring weddings, this is the perfect time of year to have natural flowers that are in full bloom. Similar to carrying seasonal flowers is the trend of holding flowers that look like they were just picked. You can choose to mix different flowers to add color and variety, and to make it look like they were just picked from a garden. 


If you’re wanting colorful flowers without straying far from your color scheme, choose to have ombré flowers. This trend can be achieved by using different shades of one color among a variety of flowers or the same type. This gives a unique and colorful look, but allows a bride to stay true to her wedding colors.


A bride can never go wrong with choosing roses. Although they are common, roses symbolize love and can always be catered to the theme of a wedding.

White roses with green stems are a classic, but recently brides have been incorporating less green and more silver into their rose bouquets. Not to mention, if you’re wanting more bling, adding jewels will enhance your bouquet and give it a fancier look.


Instead of wearing dresses of different colors, bridesmaids are starting to carry different colored bouquets for a fun, vibrant look. With this trend comes the freedom to choose different shades of the same color or one hue of assorted flowers. If you decide to apply this trend to your own wedding, you’ll want to make sure each bridesmaid looks unique, but that they all come together for one collective look.


The prevailing theme with center pieces is flowers. To spice up their center pieces, couples are choosing to blend sweet smelling herbs and coffee beans into their displays. Adding small fruits or vegetables will also give your display a different look with more color and extra texture.


Brides wanting to take their floral game to the next level can wear flowers in their hair.

Regardless of the season, the addition of a floral accessory appears romantic and unique. You can choose to completely skip wearing a veil for a chic, bohemian look, or you can choose to stay traditional and incorporate a floral accessory into your veil.

Whether or not any of these trends seem to fit your style and theme, remember to take each trend as your own and don’t forget to have fun with it. Your wedding flowers are important, but they’re not everything. Whatever flowers you choose to have and however you choose to incorporate them will look beautiful and complement your wedding. 




by Kristina Rosen

Aprils showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring stellar weddings. Though rain is given a bad reputation, the stormy weather could actually complement your big day. Not only is rain during weddings symbolic in some ways, but it’s also a sign of good luck. Instead of being bitter towards the rain, choose to embrace it because it may not be all that bad.

If the rain is good for one thing, it’s the ability to enhance the lighting and make colors pop in photographs. A gloomy sky makes for a unique backdrop and can produce better quality pictures.

With a great wedding comes equally as great wedding photographs. Take advantage of the rain and the photo opportunities it creates. Nothing screams epic love story like romantic moments captured in the rain. Dancing and playing in the rain is blissful, but kissing in the rain is on another level. Whether it’s a torrential down pour or a light drizzle, no one will forget a wedding where the bride and groom share their first kiss the rain.

How To Be Prepared If It Does Rain:

  • Choose your shoes wisely. Why not be the first of your friends to start the rain boot and wedding dress trend? Heels may be your top choice, but you’ll want to opt for a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. If you’re worried that it’ll look tacky, have your bridesmaids also wear water proof shoes that fit your wedding theme.  

  • Accessorize with umbrellas. Make your wedding more colorful and keep your guests dry with umbrella favors. The umbrellas can be matched to your color scheme and given to guests as they arrive to keep them dry. Umbrellas also make for great props in photographs, especially if you customize matching “Mr. & Mrs.” ones for the groom and yourself. 

  • Leave extra time to touch up. Even if it ends up not raining, you’ll be thankful that you blocked out time between the pictures, ceremony and reception to freshen up.

  • Have a back up plan. Whether it’s an alternate hairstyle or a different venue, make sure to have multiple options. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or reception, you might consider having tents in addition to booking a nearby indoor location incase the rain becomes too much.

  • Relax. You’re getting married, so a little, or even a lot of rain can’t ruin this special day!