April Showers bring MAY FLOWERS

by Kristina Rosen

Just like the seasons of the year, the trends in wedding flowers are always changing. Depending on what is blooming or what your theme is will affect the flowers that you choose for your wedding. Brides often don’t realize how vital their floral choices are until it comes time to choose them. With picking the ideal flowers comes considering each detail from what your bridesmaids will carry to what your centerpieces will consist of. Whether or not you have your mind set on what you want, check out some of these popular floral trends among other brides.


Fortunately for those with spring weddings, this is the perfect time of year to have natural flowers that are in full bloom. Similar to carrying seasonal flowers is the trend of holding flowers that look like they were just picked. You can choose to mix different flowers to add color and variety, and to make it look like they were just picked from a garden. 


If you’re wanting colorful flowers without straying far from your color scheme, choose to have ombré flowers. This trend can be achieved by using different shades of one color among a variety of flowers or the same type. This gives a unique and colorful look, but allows a bride to stay true to her wedding colors.


A bride can never go wrong with choosing roses. Although they are common, roses symbolize love and can always be catered to the theme of a wedding.

White roses with green stems are a classic, but recently brides have been incorporating less green and more silver into their rose bouquets. Not to mention, if you’re wanting more bling, adding jewels will enhance your bouquet and give it a fancier look.


Instead of wearing dresses of different colors, bridesmaids are starting to carry different colored bouquets for a fun, vibrant look. With this trend comes the freedom to choose different shades of the same color or one hue of assorted flowers. If you decide to apply this trend to your own wedding, you’ll want to make sure each bridesmaid looks unique, but that they all come together for one collective look.


The prevailing theme with center pieces is flowers. To spice up their center pieces, couples are choosing to blend sweet smelling herbs and coffee beans into their displays. Adding small fruits or vegetables will also give your display a different look with more color and extra texture.


Brides wanting to take their floral game to the next level can wear flowers in their hair.

Regardless of the season, the addition of a floral accessory appears romantic and unique. You can choose to completely skip wearing a veil for a chic, bohemian look, or you can choose to stay traditional and incorporate a floral accessory into your veil.

Whether or not any of these trends seem to fit your style and theme, remember to take each trend as your own and don’t forget to have fun with it. Your wedding flowers are important, but they’re not everything. Whatever flowers you choose to have and however you choose to incorporate them will look beautiful and complement your wedding.