The Big Fake Wedding

by Kristina Rosen

Fake weddings can be real fun.

Calling all brides-to-be, wedding enthusiasts or anyone craving a fun night out. Imagine attending a unique event hosted by some of the best businesses within the local wedding and bridal industry. In less than a week, the innovative bridal show, known as The Big Fake Wedding, is coming to town. With Lexington being a hub for community collaboration, don’t miss the chance to see passionate, local businesses come together to put on a special wedding event.     

So what is The Big Fake Wedding?

Just as the name implies, it’s not really a wedding. The Big Fake Wedding is an alternative bridal show including a ceremony, food, and dance-party reception. Attendees are usually future brides and grooms looking for wedding inspiration, as well as vendors who want to expose themselves. Guests hear the music, eat the food, and enjoy the night as if they were at a typical wedding. By the end of the night, the goal is for prospective brides and grooms to leave wanting a wedding like the one they just attended.

Founded in 2008 by Callie Murray, The Big Fake Wedding was created in hopes of unleashing the ideal wedding experience. As a photographer, Callie realized the best weddings she worked were the ones where clients saw her in action first. Recognizing the value in building relationships based on experience, she created this event to allow future brides and grooms to see potential vendors in action before committing. The Big Fake Wedding strives to promote small business, inspire couples, and encourage solid marriages. Since the first event in 2008, The Big Fake Wedding has attracted thousands of attendees and vendors to more than 30 events in 25 cities each year.

The Big Fake Wedding allows vendors to showcase their products and services as they would an actual wedding. They have the opportunity to expose their businesses, gain connections and marketing tools, meet potential clients, and find inspiration in the best way possible. This event benefits the vendors as much as it does the guests who attend in hopes of finding probable vendors to use for their special day.

But if it’s a fake wedding, who’s the ceremony for?

With the desire to encourage solid marriages, comes the idea of a vow renewal. Like the name suggests, the purpose of the The Big Fake Wedding isn’t to put on an actual wedding or have a redo one. Instead the ceremony features an already married couple who has no say in the details of the wedding, but participates as a way to support local businesses and show the joys of marriage. The Big Fake Wedding as a whole proves that a good wedding is worth planning for, but the purpose of the ceremony is to show that more importantly a good marriage is worth planning for.

Once the ceremony is over and the reception has begun, the Tunnel of Love will open. The Tunnel of Love is a meet and greet with all the participating vendors. Free stuff is handed out, vendors discuss their services, and guests are able to ask questions. Vendors look to build relationships and guests look to become better acquainted with their favorite businesses. It’s also a good opportunity for vendors to gain exposure, network within the industry, and make contacts with potential clients.

If you’re lucky enough to have this event come to a location near you, GO. It’s not your typical bridal show nor wedding ceremony, and you surely won’t regret making an appearance. If you go, here are some tips to make your night worthwhile.

Use the vendor guide.

At the beginning of the event, a booklet is provided and outlines what each vendor did or supplied. Grab one and take notes. You’ll be thankful you jotted down all the details once the night is over.

Check out the Tunnel of Love.

It’s like adult trick or treating wedding edition. Enjoy the party and take advantage of the dance floor, but don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the personalities of each vendor and the services they have to offer.

Expect a party, not a show.

 Yes, it’s technically a wedding, but it’s really not.

Don’t let riding solo stop you from going or having fun.

So your fiancé doesn’t want to go? Take a bridesmaid or a friend, take your mother, or even go alone! No matter who comes with you, enjoy yourself. You’ll regret not going more than you’ll regret who you bring along.

Where: The Livery

When: July 14th, 2016

7-9 pm

Cost: $25 per ticket

What’s included: Ceremony, light bites, reception, swag bag

Buy online: