Upcoming Fall Wedding Trends

by Kristina Rosen

Each season of the year brings new trends to the wedding scene. While brides try to incorporate seasonal themes into their weddings, many choose to keep with the popular styles of color, flowers and fashion. With the change in leaves and cooler weather that is headed our way, check out the following trends you’re bound to see this upcoming fall season.

Color Trends: Metallic Palette

Rose gold is undoubtedly the go-to color this year with copper being its designated sidekick. These two colors can be paired with most color palettes, including ones with dark hues which are popular during the fall.

With the option to add glitter, metallic colors can be incorporated both elegantly and casually into the details of a wedding.

Fashion Trends: Sleeves & Navy

Cap sleeves, long sleeves, and bell sleeves will take over the aisle. Sleeved dresses can be both dramatic and bohemian, and are ideal for the unpredictable fall weather.

Lace texture, 3D embellishments, and stunning open backs continue to be defining details of wedding gowns and will undoubtedly be seen.

Navy is the new black, but mostly for the men. More grooms are choosing to wear navy suits, instead of black ones. Of course, navy is the ideal alternative to black since it looks just as good with white.  

Floral Trends: Fresh & Fun

Flowers are just as prominent in fall weddings as they are in spring weddings. With the theme of natural hair and makeup popular among brides, there’s a desire to accompany that theme with undone, whimsical bouquets.

The freshly picked flower trend allows a bride to add variety by mixing and matching the size, shape and color of her flowers.

For a seasonal look, choose flowers with hues of orange, burgundy, and red while using maple leaves, berries, and burlap to accent the bouquet.

As for décor and centerpieces, it’s all green everything. Couples are straying from floral table arrangements and instead using leafy greens and branches as the main component. Fruits and vegetables are being added for a touch of color.

Cake Trends: Have your cake…and more dessert too

The days of the traditional white frosted wedding cake are being left behind as the trend of naked cakes is taking over. These tasteful cakes have little to no frosting and are topped with flowers and fruits.

With smaller and simpler cakes, couples are serving additional desserts including donuts, macaroons, and gelato. Of course, with it being fall, couples can’t go wrong with including pie in their menu.

Photography Trends: A picture speaks a thousand words

Perfectly posed wedding photographs are timeless, but there’s something special about a candid photo. Whether it’s tears being wiped from faces or laugher being captured on the dance floor, brides want pictures that remind them of those special moments.

Expect to see more wedding pictures that are caught in the moment and tell a story.