Friday Favorites: Knowing Your Neckline

By: Taylor Clark

Happy Friday, folks! We are swiftly approaching the holiday season, and good golly are we excited! For all of you without a rock on your hand, this time of year often provides significant others with all sorts of opportunities to propose. If you’re already engaged, the holidays mean that the whole family is in town, so you can bring the full squad dress shopping. Either way, the quest for the perfect dress is likely on your mind. We understand that this decision can be overwhelming, so we’ve dedicated this Friday Favorites to neckline education. Hopefully, the knowledge you gain will help ease your mind and make dress shopping a memorable experience for you!

Monique Luhullier “Liza”: Straight Across Neckline

The straight across strapless neckline of this Monique Luhullier is very slimming for the bust. For women with broad shoulders, the straight across neckline softens and accentuates their décolletages. This neckline is also ideal for brides with longer necks, especially if they are hoping to accessorize their look with a bold statement.


Jim Hjelm 8505: V-Neckline

A V-neck dress, such as this Jim Hjelm A-line, is the ideal shape for brides with either a B or C cup. It is also stunning on brides with broad shoulders or those with hourglass figures. For our petite brides, a V-neckline can create the illusion of height and make the bust appear more defined. While our featured gown boasts of a dramatic deep V-neckline, there are also more modest choices.


Ellis of London class 11428: Sweetheart Neckline

This sweet and timeless Ellis of London gown features a neckline of the same qualities. The sweetheart neckline is universally flattering: It enhances the curves bustier brides naturally possess while creating the illusion of curves on brides with smaller chests. This neckline also elongates the neck and torso. If you are concerned about showing too much cleavage, a semi-sweetheart neckline is a more modest cut that still provides the aforementioned benefits.


Olia Zovozina Custom Cut: High Neckline

This Olia Zovozina was custom-designed for Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson’s rehearsal dinner. It features a high neckline that is sophisticated and chic. This neckline is ideal for women with broad shoulders and smaller busts, but it can still be flattering and gorgeous on bustier brides, too. An up-do is recommended for this neckline so as not to overwhelm the décolletage.


Casablanca “Peony”: Bateau

The bateau neckline of this Casablanca two-piece gown is flattering for brides with pronounced collar bones. Pear-shaped brides can balance their voluptuous hips with this neckline. For brides with broad shoulders, this neckline may not be the ideal cut. Smaller busts will appear more full and defined with a bateau neckline.


Justin Alexander 8814: Portrait

Similar to the bateau neckline, a portrait cut is ideal for brides with very prominent collar bones. It also helps slenderize fuller arms. The portrait neckline may not be optimal for bustier brides since the excess amount of fabric often makes the décolletage appear too bulky. With that being said, an illusion portrait neckline, like that found on this Justin Alexander gown, softens the bustline enough for larger-chested women to look dainty and refined.


The perfect gown will make you feel your most confident and beautiful. Finding the neckline that flatters your body type is one of the first steps in accomplishing this goal. Remember, it is in your best interest to be willing to try a variety of styles. Bridal fashion is a whole other ball game, so don’t be surprised if the neckline you thought you would hate ends up being the one you choose. In the end, what’s most important is that you’ve found the dress you love to marry the person you love above all else. We feel so humbled to work in an industry that allows us to be professional hype girls for our brides, and we can’t wait for you to experience the loving atmosphere of Meant To Be. Schedule an appointment with us soon, and we promise to help make your dress shopping experience as special as you!

Xo, Taylor