by Ashton Cude

Hello world! It’s Wedding Wednesday once again! While we’re still enjoying the fall colors and sipping our hot cider, we can’t help but notice a little chill in the air. As they say on Game of Thrones…winter is coming! Today we’re talking about winter wedding trends. For all our winter brides, these should all be things you still have time to incorporate into your special day. We’re featuring some gorgeous photos taken by our friend Kelsey Malicote from dream photography team The Malicotes and glammed by Dana of Pink Lou Lou. Read on to see some prettiness and find out some simple ways to incorporate the season into your wedding day.



Spring and fall have cardigans and wispy scarves. But winter has the cozy market cornered. Consider draping yourself in a gorgeous faux fur wrap or tartan plaid pashmina during outdoor photos or at the reception. In addition to having a practical use, these wraps photograph beautifully, as you can see above.



We always preach that as a bride, you can wear whatever gown you want, whenever you want to wear it. However, there is something to be said for dressing for the season. Sleeved gowns truly shine in winter weddings. If you’re interested in sleeves but don’t want to wear them all day, consider a bolero. Boleros add sleeves to a dress and can be removed if you desire.



Sure, serving hot beverages in winter isn’t exactly innovative, but classics are classic for a reason. It’s so comforting to warm up with coffee, hot chocolate, or cider on a cold winter’s day. Consider adding a hot cocktail option to the bar menu. A beverage bar with add-ins like marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and cinnamon sticks can be both pretty and cost-effective. (Images via Pinterest)



Y’all. Don’t even get me started on velvet and sequins in a winter wedding. Incorporate rich fabrics in your winter wedding to add a touch of luxury. This can be done as simply as through a velvet ribbon or sequin table runner. If you want to feature them more prominently, consider velvet or sequins for the bridesmaids. Winter events are often associated with more formality, so you can go as all out as you want!



The deep greenery of winter plants will add elegant color to your wedding palette. Don’t be afraid to get creative! It’s not just evergreens and poinsettias that are available in winter. Did you know magnolias also bloom later in the year? Greenery stands out and makes a big statement in a winter wedding.

That’s the scoop on winter weddings! Some regions may get crazier, but here in the South we like to put our own twist on things while keeping with tradition. For any brides-to-be crushing on this styled shoot, the dress Liz is modeling is “Nicole” by Nouvelle Amsale. It’s currently available at Meant to Be with a fitted crepe skirt. The fun tulle was added with a Heidi Elnora tulle skirt. Keep coming back for more winter wedding goodness!