Friends! We are overjoyed to kick off a brand new series over here on the Meant To Be blog! Our amazing assistant manger, Ashton Cude, is going to walk y'all through several months of her experiences through wedding planning, engagement, her actual wedding, and life as wife/newlywed. We are so thrilled & excited. To know Ashton is to love her and we have no doubt her words will be an encouragement to your hearts! Enjoy, y'all! XO, The MTB Gals

About three years ago, I was sitting at my reception desk when the cutest patient walked in. He was tall, had a sweet smile, and the cut off shirts he was wearing after coming from the gym were not lost on me. I started dressing a lot cuter on Mondays when his appointments were scheduled, and at the end of the summer it finally paid off. Andrew asked me out on a date. The rest, as they say, is history. We got married on July 9th, 2016. Our wedding day was worshipful, joyous, and perfect for us. However, as much planning as I did for the wedding, I also wanted to do some planning for marriage.

I knew marriage would be the biggest challenge I had ever taken on, and I wanted to be intentional about seeking wisdom. In the month leading up to my wedding, I decided to read passages of Scripture that would speak to those places in my heart that needed cultivating in order to be a Godly wife. Whether you are a person of faith or not, the principles given in Scripture offer guidelines on mutual trust and respect, healthy conflict resolution, and the vital roles of men and women. What marriage can’t benefit from improvement in those areas? You can approach heart preparation in whatever way works for you. I personally compiled a list of 30 different verses and passages so that I had something to read each day. Here were my biggest takeaways:

  1. You need help to be a good wife: Marriage requires all of you. Your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional self will all be called upon in both the big things that life throws at you, and the mundane of every day. Make sure you aren’t pouring out of an empty well. Take time out for individual spiritual growth and restoration. Have a community of women who will speak truth and grace into your life. Be humble enough to let your spouse serve you as you seek to serve them.

  2. Perspective is everything: The best thing you can do for your marriage is to go in with realistic expectations. Marriage is not about you and your personal happiness. It’s about two people becoming one and working as a team to make love last and leave a legacy for those they love. Your spouse will not make you happy every moment of every day. Have a healthy enough self-perception to realize that you are no picnic to live with, either. For every ounce of grace you extend to your spouse, they will extend you grace in return. Some days will be a breeze, some days will be boring, and some days will test you. It’s all part of the life’s work that makes up a healthy marriage.

  3. God loves marriage: So many of the passages I read made it clear that God is brought so much glory through a good marriage. He is on your side! He wants your marriage to succeed. He will equip you for each day. God’s love for us is described over and over in Scripture as the love a groom has for his bride. What a beautiful picture we get to paint as we seek to love each other well over a lifetime.

So there you have it! Those are the nuggets of wisdom that helped me go into marriage with joy and confidence. I hope they will uplift and inspire you as you look forward to becoming a wife!