Bridal Beauty Myths with PinkLouLou

by Aston Cude

Today we're joining forces with our friends Dana and Allison of PinkLouLou Design Studio to debunk some common bridal beauty myths. Dana and Allison are professional hair and makeup artists as well as ambassadors of all things fabulous. Who better to help us navigate the truths and falsehoods of hair and makeup? We caught up with them and got their sage advice. Below are some common misconceptions that can trip brides up on their big day.

1. Dirty hair styles better: So false! While having a little grit in your hair does help ease the tease, this effect can easily be achieved with texturizing products. It's important that you have clean, dry hair to work with on your wedding day. The same is true for your hair trial. If you roll up in a three-day-old messy bun, there's no way your stylist can give you a test-run of the gorgeous bridal look you're going for.  Make sure you have a clean face, too, for your makeup application.

2. Wedding day is the time to go wild with your look: Not so much. While you'll definitely want to pump up your everyday look, you don't want to look like someone else. You want to look like the most beautiful, bridal version of YOU. Choose a hair and makeup look that reflects your personal style, but more glam. Be careful with new trends and wild looks. Remember that your wedding photos last forever and you want your look to be timeless.

3. Barely-there makeup is fine: On the other end up the spectrum, you don't want your makeup look to be too soft. In order to photograph well, your makeup needs a little color. If you're normally a no-makeup girl, don't be afraid to wear a full face of makeup on your big day. Communicate with your stylist and trust her not to make you look fake. "The whole point of makeup is to play up your natural features. We just want to accent what it already there." says Dana. Always schedule a hair and makeup trial so you can figure out what look works for you.

4. Pinterest is realistic: We already know this one is a myth. When it comes to bridal inspo, Pinterest can be a lifesaver. However, not everything on Pinterest is real. Many hair and makeup photos have been photoshopped, color tinted, and edited. Most models are sporting hair extensions. When looking for inspiration, keep in mind your own features. Hair stlyes look different on blondes than they do on brunettes. If you're looking at celebrity photos, look for celebs that have similar features to you. Look for inspiration that will bring out your beauty to its fullest!

This is the photo (on the left) I used for wedding inspo. This girl has the same hair and eye color as I do, and is sporting the type of bridal look I wanted. Image via Pinterest.

5. Professional products are magic: There are some wonder-working makeup and hair products out there, for sure! However, no amount of pro-styling can keep lipstick from wearing off during a wedding day. If you have an outdoor August wedding and you sweat profusely, your makeup is going to get a little dicey, whether a pro applied it for you or not. Make sure you have a touch up kit with a lip color, oil blotters, and hairspray. Your stylist will do everything they can to make your look last, but they can't make the products permanent.

Now you know the truth about these bridal beauty myths! To see more of the looks Dana and Allison have created, visit their website:

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