Friday Favorites: Disney Princess Inspired Weddings

By: Taylor Clark ft. Ashton Cude

Hey, y’all, Taylor here! Thanks for returning for yet another fabulously fun Friday Favorites. This week is a real doozy of a theme. We’re going to be showcasing gowns fit for a princess…a Disney princess! Ashton, and I are absolutely enamored by Disney; Ashton worked at Disney prior to becoming our rock star Assistant Manager. We can’t wait to show you our picks this week and hope that you’ll check out our Pinterest for some ways to incorporate your favorite princess stories into your wedding day. So sit down on your throne, kick off your glass slippers, set aside your tiara, and enjoy the royal treatment that our blog has to offer.  

Cinderella: Justin Alexander 8786 and Hayley Paige “Dori”


Cinderella is known for her classic princess ballgown with its cinched waist and cap sleeves. Our choices offer a modernized take on this traditional look. The Justin Alexander ballgown features a strapless sweetheart neckline with beaded venice lace that adds a hint of sassiness to Cinderella’s classic dress. Hayley Paige’s Dori gives Cinderella’s baby blue ballgown a contemporary makeover with hushed lavender and blush tones and an absolutely breathtaking crystal bodice halter top. Your prince charming won’t know what hit him when you bibbidi-bobbidi-boo your way down the aisle in either of these gowns. Hopefully you can hang on to both of your shoes for the night…or at least until the clock strikes midnight.

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Aurora, Sleeping Beauty: Lillian West 6387 and Justin Alexander 8873


Princess Aurora was a fan of long-sleeve dresses, and man-oh-man are we, too. Whether your arms are an area that you want to conceal or you’re just a fan of the added pizazz, sleeves can turn a wedding dress from a dress into the dress. Lillian West’s V-neck, natural waist ballgown is the dress that we’re pretty sure Sleeping Beauty was dreaming about all those years, while Justin Alexander’s long-sleeve gown, which you may recall from one of our earliest Friday Favorites, is probably the only gown that could wake her faster than true love’s kiss. In either of these gowns, you can rest assured that no one will judge you if you need to take a nap after the night’s festivities…but maybe stay away from spinning wheel spindles just in case. 

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Ariel, The Little Mermaid: Blush by Hayley Paige “River” and Justin Alexander 8901


Are we even real bridal consultants if we don’t show you our mermaidiest mermaid gowns for an Ariel-themed wedding? Justin Alexander’s mermaid dress has beaded metallic lace that mimics the shimmer and shine of scales in the sunlight, creating the illusion that you’re a real-life mermaid. Hayley Paige’s aquatically named gown offers a more simple version of the mermaid style that you can easily accessorize to add a bit more personality. We paired it with pearls because Ashton and I are pretty dedicated to this beach theme if you can’t tell by our cheeky grins, but you can also try to incorporate a dinglehopper or two in your hair if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Regardless of how you accessorize these mermaid gowns, you’re going to have people speechless by the end of the night.

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Snow White: Tara Keely 2357 and Justin Alexander 8861


And because we’re dorks, Ashton and I are closing out this blog post with the one who started it all, the original Disney Princess, Snow White. Her preferred dress is an A-line or ballgown skirt with short sleeves, and we know just the gowns she would choose at MTB. Tara Keely’s lace illusion neckline with deep V-back and cinched waist is sweet and sexy all in one. The lace scoop neckline and short sleeves on Justin Alexander’s 8861 are soft and delicate while the lace and pearl appliques add just the right amount of sophistication to it. Both of these dresses will have you whistling while you work it all the way down the aisle.

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Feeling like a princess on your wedding day has never been so easy and stylish with our gowns and accompanying Pinterest boards. Here at Meant To Be, we can’t wait to use our fairy godmother magic to find the perfect dress to make a part of your world. Once upon a dream, your wedding dress came to you, and we’re here to help make it a reality. So make an appointment with us today, and come see what our magic mirror on the wall has to say about you in your MTB wedding dress (hint: it’s that you’re the fairest of them all). Special thanks to our resident Disney expert, Mrs. Ashton Cude, for helping make this blog post Disney princess-worthy and for strutting her stuff in our gowns like the queen of our Walton Ave. castle. And as always, have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful week, y’all.

Xo, Taylor