Wedding Wednesday: Hairpieces

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today we’re talking about a common question we hear from our brides: to veil or not to veil? We just welcomed some gorgeous Sara Gabriel pieces to the shop so we have veils on the brain! Like many aspects of the modern wedding, the choice is yours when it comes to headpieces. We are firm believers that a good headpiece is what separates a girl in a white dress from a bride. Below, we break down the options and give some tips for how to rock each style.

Veils: We’ll start with the most obvious choice: the classic veil. I personally am #TeamVeil, but every bride has her own style. Sara Gabriel’s tagline is “The veil makes the bride” and truer words have never been spoken. If your style is classic, traditional, retro, or romantic, a veil just might be for you. If you choose to wear a veil, you have a whole host of options. Long veils work best with simple, classic gowns. They can also add drama to a dress with little to no train, or elongate a medium-length train. Shorter veils (usually fingertip length) work well for detailed gowns or for brides who want a veil but nothing too fussy. If you’re taking tradition all the way, you can opt for a blusher. A blusher is a second, shorter layer that goes over the face as the bride walks down the aisle. If the unveiling tradition is important to you, a blusher is the only way to go. However, a blusher will tend to conceal the back of your gown, so keep that in mind. A blusher can also serve to add texture to a simple veil if you feel you need some additional oomph. Pictured above are Sara Gabriel veils that now call Meant to Be home! We collected these photos from Pinterest and love that some of these wedding were featured by our friends at Southern Weddings!

Flowers: For the free-spirited bride, flowers are a timeless option. Flower crowns have taken the wedding world by storm since the advent of the rustic theme. Live flowers can also be incorporated into your hairstyle by being pinned in without a full-blown crown. Flowers make the most sense at an outdoor wedding or reception. If you can’t possibly choose between flowers and a veil, consider having some small flowers pinned in with your veil, or choose a flower crown that can have a veil attached. I collected some Pinspiration above, and included a photo of my own wedding hairstyle. I had leftover flowers from the florist who assembled my bouquet pinned into the comb of my veil. Fairy princess vibes for the win!

Bling: Pearls and crystals and beading…oh my! Bridal bling can truly take you down a yellow brick road of endless choices. In order to avoid looking like a human chandelier, it’s best to keep it simple. A beautiful comb can make a big statement. Small but sparkly clips can be strategically placed to photograph beautifully. Headbands can tie your look together, whether you’re going traditional or boho. These Pinterest photos show examples of various ways you can style bridal bling.

We hope this gives you some insight into the seemingly endless options for bridal headpieces. As always, no matter what you choose, you will be a beautiful bride if you radiate joy on your big day! We hope this Wedding Wednesday finds you in the midst of a good week and, if not, the weekend is oh-so close. Contact us for an accessories appointment if this post has given you a sudden urge to accessorize!