Real MTB Wedding || Kathryn + Seth

by: Ashton Cude

"She keeps it simple, and I am thankful for her kind of lovin,' cause it's simple. No longer do we wonder if we're together, we're way past that. And I've already asked her, so in January we're gettin' married." -The Avett Brothers, January Wedding

Happy New Year, friends! What better way to kick off the year than with a real Meant to Be bride? Kathryn and Seth technically tied the knot New Years' weekend of 2016, but I just couldn't resist those Avett Brothers lyrics because they fit so perfectly. Kathryn and Seth's story is so romantic. I truly found myself gasping and squealing as I read it. They could make the best rom com you've ever seen! Combine that with earthy florals, muted blues and greens, and gorgeous photography by Killian Rose, and this blog post is a real treat to start your 2018. Keep reading to hear Kathryn and Seth's love story, see photos from their beautiful day, and learn the vendors who made it all happen!


Can you give us a glimpse into your love story?

Seth and I met during our freshman year at Asbury University during orientation. We became great friends and were practically inseparable.  People were always encouraging us to date, but through the awkwardness of that age, we just never took that next step.  The following year our friend group spread out and we were left with a friendship that had reached its capacity. We started hanging out less and less, but knowing there was always something unresolved. Frankly, we knew we both had feelings for each other, our timing just never matched up.  We drifted apart and didn't speak to each other but once the rest of our college years.  In fact, it would be over 5 years later, through the window of a restaurant, that we would see each other again, and our story would pick back up. When we finally had the chance to catch-up it was overwhelming and everything we both had hoped.  Three months after that we started dating; three months later we were engaged; and 6 months later I became Mrs. Seth Earnest. 


What was it about your dress that made you realize it was "the one?"

I came into the boutique planning to try on and fall in love with a long sleeve lace dress. However, after trying one on and not being very comfortable in it, I decided to try something different. I love unique things, so the fact that the dress I ended up purchasing was light pink had me very excited. I tried it on and was sold, it was perfect! I am so glad I got my dress from Meant to Be- the girl who helped me that day was so sweet and really made me feel special and excited about the whole process. Being the only one in the store makes you feel like you aren't just another customer, but a real bride planning her important day.


What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?

The whole day was so special but I'd have to say the best surprise was during the ceremony. We had just finished praying and when I opened my eyes, Seth was standing there holding a guitar. I had no clue he had been planning to sing to me at our wedding. (Swoon!)


What has been the best thing about marriage so far?

The best part about it so far has just been being together.  It sounds so simple but from being out of each other's lives for so long and then to be so blessed to spend each day together, it really has made the day-in and day-out so very sweet. Our marriage is a sign of just how faithful and good God is.


Any pieces of wisdom or advice you'd like to share with future brides, engaged gals, or newlyweds like yourself?

The biggest thing I've learned is that marriage is about two people being one, not two individuals living together. So there isn't room for selfish each other selflessly.


I mean...don't you just have ALL the heart eyes over this precious couple? We love that serendipity brought these two back together and that they were able to see God's faithfulness in that. We're so grateful to be able to celebrate our couples and to play some small role in their love story. Below is the list of vendors who brought this wedding to life, as well as more pretty details from Kathryn and Seth's wedding day. Keep checking back for more Real MTB Weddings!

Wedding cake- The Sweet Shoppe by Beth Ray
Florist- Elizabeth Earnest Floral Designs
Make-up- Dolled up by Natalie Rathbun
Hair- Kaitlin Watts
Venue- The Livery
Photographer- Killian Rose
Catering- Gourmet Goodies (Thelma Johns)
Rentals- Goff Tents and Events


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