by: Ashton Cude


Ladies, just when I think I've exhausted all my bridal consultant knowledge and answered every question out there, a bride reminds me just how much information there is to share. This week's post is filled with all the most common questions my brides have during their appointments. These are those little lightbulbs that only seem to come on when you start trying on dresses. For other burning questions, visit our FAQ page, scroll through our blog, or reach out to us with anything you may be wondering!

1) How do I wear a bra with this?

The short answer is: you don't. Everyone wonders how they're going to wear a bra with their wedding gown, because the backs are often sheer and would prevent wearing a normal bra. Wedding gowns are built with much more care than our regular garments. They generally contain lining, boning, and layers of detail. Usually the gown will provide all the structure and support you need. If you still want more support, we recommend having bra cups sewn into your dress by a seamstress. Also...a word to the wise about adhesive bras...as soon as you sweat, the sticky isn't so sticky anymore. You're better off trusting your wedding day bra situation to the pros!

2) How much would alterations cost?

One of the first things that becomes clear when you start gown shopping is that, no matter what, you're going to have to have alterations. Once in a blue moon there will be that unicorn bride that doesn't need a stitch changed, but 90% of brides will end up having alterations of some kind. Naturally, the next question is: how much will that cost? Unfortunately, there's no hard and fast answer to that question. Every single bridal alterations job is different because every bride's body is unique. In the Lexington area, bridal alterations tend to range between $200-$500, depending on the difficulty of the job. For more questions answered by a bridal seamstress, visit this post!

3) Is this dress consignment?

This is a question we specifically get at Meant to Be. A bride falls in love with a dress and then asks, usually with trepidation, whether a gown has been cosigned or not. It's our mission to clear the air around bridal consignment! Bridal consignment can be a wonderful way for brides to have access to designers that may not be carried anywhere else in the area. Consignment also offers brides the opportunity to get the dress of their dreams well below retail price. If a bride is really lucky (one of those unicorns I mentioned), the dress may already have alterations done that make it fit her better than a sample gown would. Far from being a lesser choice, a consignment gown can be a treasure! For a showcase of some of our consignment gowns, see Taylor's most recent Friday Favorites post here!

4) Where do you get your dresses?

Our dresses come from our sister store, Twirl, other boutiques in the Southeast, and from individual brides in the Lexington area. You never know what exciting new things may pop up in our store, so if you're interested, make sure to follow along with us on social media to stay updated!

5) How often do you get new dresses?

The most honest answer to this question would be the shrug emoji. There is no set time or date when we get new inventory. However, we do keep our Pinterest page religiously up to date with new arrivals. We also remove dresses as soon as they sell, so if something is on our Pinterest, it means it's currently available in the store. You can visit our Pinterest page here.

I hope that provides some dress-shopping knowledge! You can always reach out to us with questions. A little pre-shopping education can go such a long way to helping you find the dress of your dreams.