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Wedding Wednesday | First Look Tips

By: Ashton Cude

Hello loves! Does anyone else feel like January has been going on forever? To close out the month, I have a little wedding planning scoop from my own wedding. I'm sharing all the reasons we chose to do a first look on our wedding day. The first look was one our favorite decisions we made. Read on to hear all the reasons why!


Timing: My husband and I chose a first look for the ease it offered in our wedding day timeline. If you choose not to see each other until the ceremony, you will have to do ALL your wedding photos afterward. This means that your guests will be waiting for you at the reception venue. You will have to coordinate all bridal party photos to make sure you don't cross paths with your groom. After the ceremony, you will have to corral the wedding party and family members. And even though your guests are there to celebrate with you and it's your big day...the harsh reality is that guests who are kept waiting will get antsy and cranky. Some will leave, and the ones who wait will be hangry by the time you get to the reception. In order to keep your guests engaged, it's important to transition as quickly as possible to the reception. For more on logistics of the first look (because I could go on all day), consult your wedding photographer.


Nerves: I honestly think I would have had a stroke if I had waited until the ceremony to see Andrew. Seeing him in that private moment for our first look calmed my nerves and filled me with so much joy. For most couples, a first look will be the only time you will get to be alone on your wedding day. It's a time to press pause on the crazy pace of the day and just focus on one another. 


Photos: Doing a first look truly improved the quality of our wedding photos. Our first look photos are some of my favorites from the whole day. Our couple portraits and wedding party/family photos turned out better too, because you can see the joy on our faces. Had we waited until after the ceremony, we would have looked tired and been antsy to get to the reception. 


Hopefully my experience will give some helpful insight for those couples who are still making the first look decision. As always, do what works best for you. The first look was the right choice for us, but every couple is different. Photographers and wedding planners are great resources for information, too. Keep checking back with the may even see some new arrivals popping up!